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BIG... ASS... SPEAKERS... where to buy?


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Since I now live the single life and my kids are gone every other weekend (they live with me otherwise), I want to buy a set of big speakers to enjoy life a little more loudly on the edge of the country. Luckily the neighbours I do have, are VERY understanding. I want something that is preferably powered but am not opposed to buying a big amplifier too. The current set-up I have, is a 5.2 set-up with two 15" subs for bass. Decent... Very decent... However, it won`t get the police from another region knocking on my door.

Fortunately, I dont have to work anymore and can also crank the music pretty much all day long while the kids are at school,daycare and camp during the summer.

Any suggestions on where I can go to browse or what I should look at online
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On the right track... But bigger! Im willing to drop more $$$. I would prefer to keep it under $2000 but would be willing to drop more, if necessary.


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totem wind


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They look like robots!

oh but they sound like heaven . powerful , articulate , musical , and deadly accurate . these gals would ring in around 150,000.00 or more .

My vote on big speakers is PMC . will indeed bust the budget though , by alot lol .


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You won't get big ass speakers for under $2000.00.

You may get decent speakers for that much. Check out some Paradigm speakrs. I heard Markham Hi-Fi will negotiate on prices.

$2000.00 barely gets you into the category of decent floor standers.


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um, I could score you a pair of Paradigm speakers and a decent 7.1 subwoofer receiver for less than 500.
just sayin
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dont go powered less flexibility and less quality. How big do you want to go ? speakers + sub or just speakers ?


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Interesting, I have or had a friend who was selling this recently:

So I'm selling my soundsystem. Just putting it on here more as a reminder to myself to post something later, but it's 2x Sampson Db 500 heads and a Mackie 600w sub. Comes with a Mackie 12 channel mixer, cables and a Nifty lighting thingy. All self powered.


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Walk around Scarborough and look for an unmarked white van. These guys can cut you an amazing deal on a pair. They look something like this:


Party time!