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What a night, it brought back so many memories from back in the day. The music was amazing, in my opinion Ashley played the best set of the night, with a mixture of old school progressive sounds and breaks. Met some very cool people, though I was SOOO drunk, I can't remember any names, sorry about that.

I'm definitely looking forward to the next Better Days party.



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Holy Wow, what a great night. This was my first time at system Bang and i have to admit it was a great night. The music was fantastic, definatley brought back some great memories. The vibe was great, met so many nice people(you know who you are).Cant wait for another Better Days event. Keep them coming.


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Great party!

Missed Ashley's set, but John E was rocking the turntables with some great old school sounds.

Great vibe, great music. Just like Better Days in the past.


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It was an incredible night I must say. It was like a time machine, like everyone else, it brought back memories for me as well.

Many cool people and many drunk people, but the vibe was excellent. It was great!


that was the most fun I've had in a while!
It was so great to hear all those classic tunes. I havent heard a lot of them in years. Brought back a lot of good memories.
Wicked old school vibe as well.
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Temper Tantrum

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What an AmAZING amazing party. This rates on my top 5 of the year for sure. The day started off right with Lori and Tina and I seeing Shrek, then Jo joining us at Grazie for an amazing dinner (and maybe a little too much wine between all us girls
), then to Sunny's show, then down too System after we discovered Roxy had a dress code. WOW. Better Days revived, absolutely phenomenal. Songs you hadn't heard in years and couldn't help but scream your lungs out too and dance. John E threw down the most amazing set, funk phenomena, rundmc 'and that's the way it is', sandy b 'you make the world go round'...WOW!
Kix, Johanne and Moez, I love you girls so much, thanks for making the night phenomenal.
Great as always too see beaker, Smiley Jo, Svet, starr, Mboy (you LOVE the euro cheese
) . Dora! You are FAR too cute for words, when you bowed down to James when you met him I have never laughed so hard. Your a phenomenally sweet and beautiful girl!
Mike- great too meet you, Mr. tall, The Therapist- You boys rock, and last but most definetly not least, El Presidente Highsteppa. Thanks for a great night James.

Definetly a phenomenal party. Too everyone else who I met but have forgotten to mention because of my still exhausted state, it is always a pleasure to party with the TBK massive.

Major ups to the Better Days production team. Loved every minute.

t. tAnTrUm


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Oh.... My.... God!!!!!!!

Alright I do NOT listen to house very often. BUT DAMN!!! That was incredible!!! We walked in a little bit later and just caught the last part of ashley's set which was pretty good but I didn't hear enough of it to really rate it. Then John E came on... I love my techno and progressive to death but this I truly enjoyed!!! So many old songs that brought such a smile to my face!!!! Sick sick set indeed!!!

And the vibe!!!! Oh my, the vibe!!! So many smiling faces! Everyone was in such a party mood! I met soooo many incredible people!!

Truly one of the best nights I have had in quite awhile!!

BAHAHA Oh and for Organik. I was one of the people that you met! HEHE I had only been in there for about 15 minutes when I turn around and you just said "Best night of my life since 94!!!!" That certainly set the tone for the rest of the night!

Oh and I got to meet Sunkist which was great as well! Such a nice smile!
I haven't met too many people from the tribe board so its always a pleasure to do so.

But without a doubt my biggest thanks goes to my friends who came with me.
You make my night.

You make me smile so much!!!


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Sooooo sad that I missed this event. I think my last Better Days party was with Anne Savage. I had to make an appearance at a wedding. (Can u dance the Macarana

I did get to hear John E at Element on the Friday. Ahhh...reminiscent of the old party days at System when he was with Metro. Welcome back to the city pal.....

Peace Party People


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I think t.tantrum summed it up just about perfectly. 3 bottles of wine, a bunch of caesars beforehand between 4 girls? At 7pm? No good can come out of that.

The tunes were delightfully obnoxious, brought back sooo many memories. So many great faces there.

I was in the most amazing company the whole night.

And of course, my girls...Lori, Allie, Jo...sooooo scandalous, but soooooo fun. Pictures are coming soon, no worries.

Sooo fun.

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In the past (a loooooooooooooooong time ago, as everyone seemed to be reminding me that night
), Better Days was part of my fondest memories of when I started raving. Whenever there was a party, I was more than willing to attend and catch the wave of euphoria that usually accompanied the Better Days vibe.

I was flooded with nostalgia, memories and that same happy feeling that has sometimes been elusive whenever I've gone to parties as of late. Instead of the dark, pounding, tribal sound that is currently dominating, I heard many of the songs, mixes and tunes that were so key in my happiness in the past. The positive, party, devil-may-care attitude that used to dominate was welcomed with open arms like a long lost relative that has been sorely missed. Smiling faces, moving bodies, feet and a remarkably fun vibe stormed the crowd and prevailed through the night, with John E and Ashley throwing down nostalgic party songs and a good measure of the breaks/big beat sound that I loved so much when I started partying on the scene. I can't stress how good a time I had.

However the fun wouldn't have been as plentiful without the faces of new and close friends that I spent that evening with. MBoy, LivingroomPornstar, Mr. Tall, Beaker, Kix, Loress, Moez, ~dazed~, Dora (flattery will get you nowhere
), Smiley Jo, Therapist and starr, you all added so much to the fun and time. I look forward to seeing more of you guys in the future.

But most importantly, Temper Tantrum. I was in a rut at the beginning of the evening (when we met at Sunny's) and you yanked me out of it in a heartbeat. You made my night and never let me down for a second. Let's do this again. Soon.

Minister of gratitude for the memories relived, friends made and future fun guaranteed.



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That was defineitely one of the best parties of the year Ashley was amazing he had me shaking my booty to oldies but goodies, and then the man John E, I swear the man made me believe he could walk on water, one track after another a truly wicked set.... RUN DEEE MMMMM CEEEEEE!!!!!!! wicked shit man. Thankyou Betterdays, Thankyou System, Thankyou John E.... my only complaint is they didn't give us a date for their next party!!!


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I am still reliving the memories of that night...

The music was so brilliant...it was HOUSE, pure and simple, with ample vocals and all. I don't think I've ever been to a Better Days party (maybe I have, i didn't look at promoters back then) but I remember the music. It's funny, I had forgotten that those were the sounds that got me into this music (and out of grunge! woo hoo) in the first place, not the techno and trance stuff that I so frequent now, it's the days when it was all one thing...dance music (OK, NOT including the gino beats). Music you hear that just wants to make you move and sing along. Vocals are NOT evil, really! House music is so luscious and soulful, at its best! I can't wait for the next party. We are in serious need of another retro night! I danced my ass off, my friend had to tear me away at 4am to leave, it was brilliant! I couldn't stop *shaking my ass*!

And I'm sure the company i kept had so much to do with it. T.Tantrum, I don't know how you do it, but everytime I see you, you just brighten up a room and make everyone feel welcome, what's your secret? Thank you *so much* for making me feel like a million bucks! Highsteppa...that's it, no more flaterring you from now on, you're ON THE HITLIST - watch out boy! Loress...hee hee, booty shaker galore! You and I need to go head to head in one monstrous dance off, you'd kick my ass 'cause you're such a fabulous dancer, but we could definitely keep pace in terms of endurance. And starr...well, she's a ho!
but she's MY ho! And so cool to meet beaker as well. Mr. Tall...did I know you were on Tribe before? How did that all happen? Love ya to pieces, and I don't even know why... Smiley Jo, girl power babe! You know what they say, guys just don't have the endurance to last all night! And to everyone else I met too, you're all so cool!

I can't wait to go to Roy Davis tonight, yes yes!