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The best thing about BET are the white preachers who take over late night and Sunday mornings.


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It exemplifys everything I dislike about about black culture (Ie bling, money over knowledge, and thug culture) and none of the attributes that are appealing about black culture(ie blaxploitation, soul, funk, jazz, blues). Anyone who isnt wiser would think that Black people are lead by chingy and the Ying Yang twins.

Why not look at real black artists rather than the thug life crew that wear million dollar wristwatches and live in thier parents basements.


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Hipsterave said:
It exemplifys everything I dislike about about black culture (Ie bling, money over knowledge, and thug culture) and none of the attributes that are appealing about black culture(ie blaxploitation, soul, funk, jazz, blues). Anyone who isnt wiser would think that Black people are lead by chingy and the Ying Yang twins.

Why not look at real black artists rather than the thug life crew that wear million dollar wristwatches and live in thier parents basements.
It is owned by rich white republicans! They are trying to provide shitty role models for black youth!


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I like BET....I like some of the videos...freestlye friday on 106&park....interviews of rap stars in thier element on rapcity...

it beats the shit out of BPM...
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BET recently declined to show a new De La Soul video because it wasn't "relevant to thier audience".



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This poster on a Cincy Bengals board I check out (guy was African American) undertook a mission to watch BET for 24 straight hours. Some of the stuff he posted was quite funny:

(BAB isa poster named Bad Ass Bengal. Basically he's a Cincy version of Carlton)

IS BET A GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY ???, Is it like the The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.

I am currently in hour 6 of a personal experiment of mine.

I have decided to watch 24 hours of programming from BET, to see if my
IQ and intellectual state of mind suffers from it. Its kind of like that book,
"Flowers for Algernon" but in reverse. In layman's terms, I want to see if
watching BET makes you dumber.

I had not watched a program on BET in years. (I purposely avoided it)

I had already figured it did, but I didn't want to be judgmental without
investigating it first.

I already feel the effects.

I have not seen 10 seconds of intellectually stimulating material yet and
I now have an urge to order some throwback jerseys from Mitchell and Ness, get some bling,
find a light brown skin sista with a ghetto booty, drive a Cadillac Escilade with phat
ass 22" rems, drink some Colt 45 malt liquor, and kill a nigga if he steps on my shoes.

I'm afraid if I continue my experiment, I permanently end up an adult version of BAB. ninja.gif

That is a chance I'm willing to take.

Why am I feeling this way? Is the goverment using suggestive sublinimal messages at a frequency
that only black people can hear? If so, it says " ACT LIKE A FOOL, ACT LIKE A FOOL, ACT LIKE A

I am starting to believe that the only way to save the future for African Americans in this country
is destroy BET's central satellite.

I will probably need some help, anyone down ?

Also, I need Smoov and Coy to try this experiment as well and post your results.

Coy, I need you to watch 8 hours of BET programming, then try to post using
those big ass words of yours. Tell me if your vocabulary and grammar suffers after
immediatly watching it.

I'm serious people.

I have to go now, Lil Kim's Countdown to Lockdown is coming on.

I will report back later.

Peace niggas.

2nd post


I dosed off for a couple of hours when the infomercials came on.

I am truly amazed of how fucked up this network is. Its worse than I imagined.
Example: At 3am, "BET's Uncut" comes on, its basically an hour long show full of
semi unedited music videos. So basically its just a bunch of hip hop videos showing
all kinds of ass and titty cleavage. When that was over at 4am, "BET's Inspirational
Hour" came on. Its a Christian oriented show that shows gospel videos (not as
much ass and titty cleavage) with messages in their songs that basically say, "If you
watched the program before this one, you need Jesus in your life."

but now all I can say is, ....."Yo whateva, quit hatin hoe, R. Kelly is innocent!!!!"

Im afraid the transformation into adult BAB has begun.

Then the local militant Brother chips in:

I haven't watched BET in a very long time. It started as a niche-marketing enterprise designed to make Bob Johnson rich with little particular concern for its impact. At that time he had to make something of a show on it for it to be credible. He sold it to Viacom or whoever it was and now it is run by people who give even less of a damn about its impact than Johnson. Part of the situation with BET is that the primary audience for its video product is not blacks but rather young white males. It's basically a Step-n-fetchit operation.

Now the view that I often express that tends to get black people riled up is that I consider Rap/Hip-hop more an attack on black musical culture than an extention of it. I've gone around and around for hours arguing that one. With some cats I just tell them, "Hey baby, if that's your culture, that's your culture. That just means that you and I don't belong to the same culture." They don't want to allow that, but what can they say?

BET is a Capitalist enterprise geared toward promoting consumption and perpetuating stereotypes like the above in the interest of promoting the political status quo, which is highly favorable to oligopoly capitalism.

I disagree that there is no such thing as a black man who "talks white," I just think that the term is generally misapplied. Being fluent in the grammar, syntax and diction of any language is a desirable thing, whether it's speaking a language developed by a white ethnic group or not. That's speaking intelligently. Immitating the speech and mannerisms of some subset of the white populace without regard for the correctness or usefulness of that speech and those mannerisms is indeed "talking white" in a very stupid way.

There are still too few of us that make the distinction, so you have on one hand, a lot of correctly alienated and disaffected black people who, in their zeal to avoid identification with whites, allow themselves to speak as ignorantly and slavishly as they can. On the other hand, you have a lot of ass-kissing oreos that immitate every asinine thing they think they see some select quarter of the suburban middle-class white populace doing in the hopes that it will gain them acceptance.

The separatist mode of addressing the existence of white hegemony in our environment has been grossly underutilized and improperly understood as a strategic option. It is not something to be used exclusively anymore than cooperative or confrontational responses are. It doesn't necessarilly entail forming militias and trying to sleuce off several Southern states as your own. It is a mode used by all the immigrant groups that people point to as models of success while clucking their tongues at us.

These groups also operate a large part of the time in cooperative mode, but they very distinctly engage in separatist behavior when it benefits them. They retain as much as possible a self-determined posture that puts them on the inside looking out rather than on the outside looking in where their own definition of experience is concerned. They're not as open to infiltration - at least not in ways that undermine other members of their ethnic group as directly as many blacks bend themselves to undermine their own.

Make no mistake about it, successful black self-help efforts on a large scale would not make white America happy. Whites would find out just how convenient it is to have the black population largely prostrate and dependent, and the direction that successful self-help efforts would take us would, as BJ points out, not largely be in line with the vision that most of white America, across the political spectrum, would really have in mind. But what is also certain is that if black people REALLY had a victim mentality - that of the strong victim - and if we REALLY took stock of how much we are in the cross hairs for significant extermination, our crime rate would have a much better chance of receding back to pre-mid-1960's levels, our pursuit of education and excellence would experience a renewed vigor among strata that now are much more easily exploited as grist for the vicious stereotypes that our enemies love to hide behind.

Subtly applied social separatism and constructive channeling of righteous anger are the order of the day. The application of these tools would as often as not manifest itself in what appears to be just the most pleasant, courtly, charming, good-go-along, non-threatening Negro white folks ever came across on a given day. The practiced eye would discern that this Negro's money and effort weren't being pissed down the rat hole that a lot of white folks wanted to see them being pissed down, nor was that Negro scratching when white folks itched. The dysfunction that we see now would be greatly diminished and the constructive action that actually goes on now but is overshadowed by dysfunction and stereotyping would become more prominent - albeit channelled differently. White folks wouldn't be happier with us in general, but they'd have a harder time clucking their tongues, and some of our most ardent enemies now would be the first ones to afford us a greater degree of respect.

Then the experiment ends:

My experiment is over, and it was proven a success.

I am dumber now than I was 24 hours ago. After the completion of my
24th hour of constant viewing of BET programs I had to detox myself
by watching 2 additional hours of "Friends" and the "Lawrence Welk Show".

I am confident to say, that all the adverse effects have worn off, however
I still crave a sista with a ghetto booty. (maybe thats because I already had that desire
before I started this experiment)

Questions anyone?
Then the questions came in:

During this experiment, did you become more and more conviced that OJ was framed?

Did you feel like telling my "cracka azz" to stop "hatin"?

Were you convinced that Stephen Speilburgh stole any Oscar's Spike Lee may have won?
And finally:

No, but like OJ at one point during my experiment I was feeling compelled to slap a hoe or two.

As long as you recognized the fact that it wasnt R Kelly pissin' on that 15 year old
girl in that video, but some other nigga with a 1998 Soul Train music award on his
shelf instead, I wouldnt have had a problem with yo cracka azz.

Yes. Speilburg is a racist, the role of ET should have went to Gary Coleman instead. Now look at poor Gary

Syntax Error

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you're all sounding like a bunch of university educated white people who think that they can define "black culture".

just shut up.


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bet = bad entertainment television?

I don't think we are trying to define black culture. I think its a station that is rather boring.

and since when did TLC = education???? Maybe in the 90's. Im pretty sure TLC stands for "shitty home improvement reality network"
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