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Best Wu Tang releases?

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terrawrist III

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36 chambers should be all you need since it's been a downhill ride since to try and maintain the ruffness that LP provided...

ANY Gza release, the ODB LP's and the ghost dog soundtrack are my fav's


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Raekwon's Only built 4 Cuban Linx is hot, the newest thing I have heard by The Wu is Rza's Be Bop tribute to Charlie Parker , the EP is called Bird UP!!



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Killarmy- Silent Weapons For Deadly Wars has some good tracks

LA the Darkman- The Heist of the Century(I think) also has a few good tracks


RZA- Tragedy This is his remake of the Eurythmics track, very nice.

Gza- Almost everything he did is good, his second album has some great slept on tracks

Inspecta Deck- His solo has a few redeeming tracks
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i have been digging Wu latley too..

my two top tracks right now

it's yourz


triump is a hott track...



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the first bobby digital album was phat IMO..I really dug tunes like NYC everything mantis and my lovin is digi

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raekwon cuban links (must have) I don't think the album has a bad track...
ghost face iron man(must have)
contrary to popular opinion around here both Method Man's first and second album are must haves
Geniius Liquid swords must have, second album is also pretty good,
personally I wasn't as big of a fan of bobby digital
of course the 36 chambers
their second albukm the double lp - wu forever is not quite as bangen as 36 chambers but it's pretty phat still, especially little getto boys...
capadonna is decent - but i'd consider him 50% of what raekwon and ghostface are, although that is more then most mc's out there these days - his first album had some good tracks, but no real heavy classics.
as for old dirt, i love him when is he is with the clan so his madness is balanced out, but a full album is just too much ODB for me, but that's subjective some people eat up Osiris's,crazy, drunken half apache crackhead ramblings, cuz he is the odb as you can see...


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meth=weak,sorry.tical had some good cuts but overall was lacking with the beats and lyrics.judgement day? are you serious that was the biggest piece of crap i've heard.

odb=return to the 36 chambers was ill,raw beats and even more raw,deranged lyrics.simply a classic.

ghost=ya,ghost got some beats and lyrics,but alot of the time what he's saying makes no damned sense at all.

rae=ya CL was hot,ice cream is still a floor filler,the whole album was dope as hell,but his last two joints were pretty weak IMHO

rza=i lke rza,hes always pushing himself,while his flow aint always too sharp,he's at least saying some interesting things.

ugod=sorry,nothing good has ever come from his mouth

rebel ins=so much promise,but didn't deliver the goods on his releases

cappa-slang editorial and run were fire boy,but they kicked his ass outta the clan and now he's driving taxis in NY

masta killah-i dunno,never really heard that much from him,his ryhme style was too slow and boring for my tastes

GZA = the fucking man!

in my top 5 mcs of all-time list,just plain dirty with the lyrics.so intelligent and clever just plain nuts when he starts to kick knowledge,ah i just love him...

check it, this is just dirty,no one can do this except him:

GZA - Fame Lyrics
[Verse 1]
They was told not to ride in Patty's +Hearse+
and stay out of Charles' +Manson+
Took Abraham's +Lincoln+ through the tar bridge expansion
Willis +Reid+s a map that marks the spot showin
On his left George +Burns+ a blunt William's holdin
Tara +Bank+ed the money that Chaka +Khan+ed the poor
Alicia +Key+ed his car for givin Melbourne +Moore+
For the Redd +Foxx+ who bought off the block, but though twice
As Debora +Cox+ the gun cuz she beat Kelly's +Price+
When Rosa +Park+ed the truck on the farm that Kim +Fields+
Linda +Tripp+ed for tryna to walk in Lauryn's +Hills+
Water dripped outta Farrah's +Faucette+ in the glass
She was 'Superfly', Curtis +Mayfield+ her ass
Chris +Tucker+ to a show, Ted +Turner+ to a hoe
Robert +Dicks+ the beat, but ain't feelin the flow
But he signed it fast, for half of Johnnie's +Cash+
Niam Long took her out in the drop, camera's flashed
Tom +Sawyer+ at the Lucielle +Ball+ up at the foyer
He confronted Richard +Pryor+ to hiring his lawyer
Suge's +Knight+ removed the rook off the board
Donna +King+ was checked and Al +Sharpton+ the sword

'With CREAM I ain't with the fame'
'Fame is the measure'
'Rap celebs'
'The place where stars are born'

[Verse 2]
The saints marched in, Kurtis +Blow+ing his horn
Tom +Cruise+d the boulevard, Chris +Rock+ed the song
For the hundredth time, they pressed rewind to the beginning
They toast to the rhyme, the juice spilt from John's +Lennon+
They took her to Elizabeth +Taylor+ to dry clean
The lone seamstress, who was schemin on Al's +Green+
You know they shoot for the stars and buckwild
Like the kids in the yard who play with James' +Towe+
A beautician laced Erykah's +Badu+
Sean +Comb+ed through the evidence, just to get a clue

The needle in the haystack, from outta earth this kid
The tiger would kill him once thrown in Brad's +Pitt+
Jesse +Owen+ the money from the weed Bubba +Sparxxx+
They was journeys seen far as he walked in Dick's +Clark+
Jeffery +Lyons+ stuck with a thorn from George's +Bush+
Paul +Pierce+d in the heart as the crowd pushed
Acting alone... Drew +Barrymore+ bones
of the victims, three blocks from Jim's +Brownstone+
They shared the same bowl, he caught Natalie's +Cole+d
The producer, threw the butter on Esther's +Rolle+
Dempsey +Russel+ed him down, got his jaw wide
In a instant, Brooke +Shields+ him from the gunfire
Angie +Stone+d him to death, with those vocals
Keith +Sweat+ from the workout, just from runnin local

'With CREAM I ain't with the fame'
'Fame is the measure'
'Rap celebs'
'The place where stars are born'

[Verse 3]
Larry's +Bird+ flew outta Nicholas' +Cage+
Joe +Tex+ messages from Sachel's +Page+
Betty +Wright+ letters with ink from Sean's +Penn+
Infinite bars, you couldn't tell where the song end
Glenn +Close+ enough to quickly duck the tapes
Richard +Gere+ ripped while he was climbin Bill +Gates+
He was a southerner, posing as a, native New Yorker
The Jason +Kidd+ took his first steps in Jimmy's +Walker+
He stayed on line chattin with rap celebs
Used Bernie's +Mack+ to search Veronica's +Webb+
It cost them their life for the advice you gave
Now Pete +Rose+ lay on Vanessa's +Redgrave+

'With CREAM I ain't with the fame'
'Fame is the measure'
'Rap celebs'
'The place where stars are born'
'With CREAM I ain't with the fame'
'Fame is the measure'
'Rap celebs'
'The place where stars are born'


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Originally posted by DJ TRO
the first bobby digital album was phat IMO..I really dug tunes like NYC everything mantis and my lovin is digi

I love this album. Its so diverse

That and 36 are my favs by far, that album set a standard that no follow up could measure up to.
its like
Illmatic. nas rocked his fisst album then sucked ass after that.
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Protect Ya Neck

1st single and the best Wu track of all time

gotta agree with Cuban Linx as the best solo album, saw Rae in maybe 98 solo at the Big Bop....sik show