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Best thing to arrive to at work this morning. Truly guffawed.

glych t.anomaly

TRIBE Member

<3 my job
<3 my co workers

just brilliant.
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christ you're even left handed. and you've been to cuba!

it all makes sense now.

Also, your co-workers are hilarious.

glych t.anomaly

TRIBE Member
Actually im ambidextrous, i switched from my right hand at work to prevent RSI in my right arm ;)

The Cuban wooden car is the gangster get away car that is chased by the lego batmobile under the other monitor when i need a good car chase during the day :)

the trophy on my docking station is proof of the 2 x SFII tournaments in bars i have won in the last few years ! TATSUMAKISENPUKAIAKU
they are the best.


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I wanted to ask, how is that chair? It helps your lower back a lot, yes? Do you have a link for it?
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glych t.anomaly

TRIBE Member
had the chair for about 3 years, its amazing for my posture.

No lower back pain, upper back etc. great for your core.

you can get them from ' Know Your Body Best ' just north of Gerrard Sqaure beside the No Frills for around 90-100$.

im on my second ball hahahahah due to the amount of active bouncing while listening to tunes at work.

i will never go back to a sedentary chair again.