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Best shows on TV these days


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I'm not much of a TV junky by a longshot. In fact, i have a rather consisten habit of watching the first season of a show and then losing nearly all interest..(such was with x-files, dawson's creek, smallville, andromeda)

But I've found myself still clinging to the most recent seasons of both House, and Boston Legal.

So tuesday is my TV night, and for the rest of my time that have any control over, i waste it away on world of warcraft.

It dawned on me however, that there could be something i'm missing out on (aside from nonsense trendy shows like Lost, 24, and Soft core Housewives)

so ya, what are you watching these days?
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I've been watching 'Sleeper Cell' and 'The Wire' lately. Enjoyed 'Sleeper Cell' a little more and cannot help but wonder if they are going to bring it back for a 2nd season.


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^^ They're definitely shows you 'have' to follow, and the storytelling is so much better for that reason.
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The Sopranos
Curb Your Enthusiasm

Those are my favourites. All HBO shows except for Huff

glych t.anomaly

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the daily show
the colbert report
Stargate SG-1
Stargate Atlantis
Battlestar Galactica
Family Guy
American Dad
Da Ali G show
24 [ just starting season 1 now ]

those are my regulars



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bahaaha Red Vs Blue!! I have to break out teh season 1 DVD! So awesome
I tend not to miss these


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Big Love
The Daily Show/Colbert Report
Family Guy
Reruns of Seinfeld and Simpsons(the new ones aren't as funny)
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Boss Hog

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I've realized that reality-based TV is far superior to drama-based. Most of the time, TV drama comes off contrived and formulaic no matter who's hand-holding the camera, or how revolutionary the gritty text and plot line is. You can't write the real stuff, and it's far more bizarre and entertaining. Real people are far more interesting than contrived characters.

Love all the A & E documentaries.
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Battlestar Gallactica
The Unit

My Super Sweet 16
Laguna Beach
Yo Mamma
Date My Mom


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six feet under
prison break
curb your enthusiasm
the shield
arrested development...rip
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The Watcher

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I watch:

Smallville (I usually torrent to catch up)
Desparate Housewives (Cuz I'm usually with Cri on Sunday's)
Gray's Anatomy (I actually like this one)

I'm partial to 24, but I want to start from the biginning, ... but I do watch an episode here and there.

Other than this... I dont watch very much TV... to busy having fun.

I miss Arrested Development


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i tried to watch lost, but for some reason i'm expecting to see poorly rendered dinosaurs show up and say the Sir arthur conan doyle wants his royalties. (i know, i know...)

24, Keifer just hasn't been the same since he chopped the mullet a la flatliners/the lost boys

I think it's just that i can't get into TV drama. Though House and Boston Legal have their fair share of drama, it's sundered buy the wry wit, and dry humor.

though my credibility may be hindered because of my comments about some 'good' shows, i still think every one of you should download every episode of Boston Legal thus far. The women are at least on par with the housewives ladies, and James Spader and William Shatner make the best TV duo since the odd couple.


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24 is wack!!!!!!

Specially since Kiefer signed on for 3 more seasons so the possibilty of him dying is completely off the table. therefore no real sense of suspense or danger cause you know no matter what he will survive.

teh lame. Can you say "jump the hobbit"?


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boston legal
family guy
simpsons (sundays only)
daily planet
my name is earl & everybody hates chris - they changed the times on me and i dunno when to catch them now

west wing on dvd
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MissBlu said:
I watch Six Feet Under on DVD... Such an awesome show...

I miss Arrested Development :(

ya me too blu.

a friend of mine had been raving about it for years so i rented season 1 and called in sick a couple weeks back for a day and i got through almost the whole thing.

since then i've watched season 2 and now i'm on to season 3.

it's all about nate.

nate fisher
syl from sopranos
al swearenger from deadwood
jack bauer from 24
ari from entourage
vic from the shield
gob from arrested development

some of my favourite tv characters.


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deevah said:
my name is earl & everybody hates chris - they changed the times on me and i dunno when to catch them now

deevah - My Name is Earl is now on Thursdays at nine, and Everybody Hates Chris is on Sundays at seven and sometimes seven thirty

TECHno addict

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curb your enthusiasm
da ali g show
wheel of fortune
american idol
deal or no deal (aka picking boxes)
kenny vs. spenny
south park
family guy
investigative reports
american justice
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