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Best price - Internet and Cable

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thanks chris.

my dad has internet light from Rogers, I think he pays $20 a month but the connection is just a little bit slower then regular cable hook up or whatever. I wonder if that's the way to go.


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usually you get cable for free (or reduced) from either rogers or bell for 3 months

that is, if you haven't used the offer before
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Aerius Zension

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Is it a new place, or somewhere in Toronto? Check if the cable line is active still. You never know, you might luck out and get free cable.


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If you do it.
Go into the Rogers store.

They sometimes have "free gifts" for signing up... that are only in store... bastards! :D

Last time it was a Sony DVD Player..



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my parents are on rogers highspeed lite for $30 / month

my cousin is on sympatico dsl lite for $30 / month

both services are very similar, faster than dialup, always connected, but somewhat of a let-down in comparison to regular cable/dsl


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oh yeah

i'm paying around $25 for basic cable right now [the tv guy hooked us up with all the channels anyway though hehe]
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Originally posted by sweet_e
the rogers high speed lite SUCKS!!!!! i used to have it and had to change because dialup seemed faster

dialup isn't faster ...

the only reason you might think that is because rogers seems to give 'priority' to the regular cable users ... sometimes things just load slower than they should on a cable connection

but the 'lite' connections will download at 12-15k/s, which is much faster than dialup [maxes out at 4-5k/s]


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i said seemed. I know its technically not faster. I just had reallyshit luck using it. It took pages forever to load and it too me hours to download anything.

its depends on the person i guess.
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[- FuNKtiOn -]

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Originally posted by Aphrodite
anyone bribed their cable guy?
one guy asked flat out "do you want cable? gimme a 20"

when the cable guy came to our house and saw we hooked it up ourselves for free, he unhooked it and gave us a flyer.
I tried to imply a bribing of sorts (everything from "we dont like much paperwork around the house" to "cant we make a 1 time payment of sorts?".
everytime I said one thing, he overcame it with a by-the-book response of calling the # on the flyer and that they'll set us up with the best package.

now I have to pay for it, so we went cable internet as well.
right now I get channels 2->somewhere around 75 I think, 5 specifically chosen channels (MTV, BPM, etc), the time shifting, movie channels, and cable highspeed internet.
comes out to around $125, but they threw in a free PPV movie as well each month..
this works well, cuz we split the bill between the 2 houses in the duplex by splitting all the cable/internet throughout the building. otherwise, I'd have to say that cable is a fucking rip off.


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If you only get internet Rogers charges you $10 more than if you have cable,

because they can't filter out/block all the tv channels you get for FREE.

It's only basic channels, but still.