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best place to buy records online?


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Release is great for big club and progressive records

but I find they really suck when it comes anything less obvious no cool house or tech-house stuff.
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Our very own DJ Madhatter just started a breaks section.... but if you visited their new message board you'd already know that ;)



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check these out


i order from these 2 all the time and they have great service and fast turn-around time

www.dancerecords.com - awesome site, great sound bites, every imaginable style, tons of selections and real-time inventory.

www.unrec.com - smaller site, but well worth the visit. especially for house, they tend to have more deep stuff that is hard to find.

i'm not a big fan of satellite at all, too much bullshit to get through to place credit card orders and sometimes sketchy turn around times. but for shear inventory they can't be beat.

i haven't ordered from groovetech so i can't comment on their service.




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melikes tripledecks and groovetech....