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Best overseas calling cards/rates


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I've been experimenting with various calling cards & companies who offer cheap rates by dialing there number first. I haven't been able to make one successful connection to date!

I know the area I'm calling is included in each companies' zone, and each company allows these rates when calling cellular phones. Sometimes the phone will just ring and ring, after the auromated system confirms teh connection is made, but nobody answers/no answering service picks up, even though I know for a fact the person is available and expecting my call. So what gives?! I always end up being frustrated and just call by using Bell's long distance service. Bell charges me up the ass so I must find an alternative ASAP!

Any recommendations, particularly for New Zealand?
If you have a headset for your computer and the other person does too, you could use Skype and talk for free.

Or if you get a headset you can call the other person for $0.024/minute to a landline in New Zealand, $0.363 to a mobile in New Zealand.

Just a thought :)

Otherwise, I've used 10-10-YAK for the occasional (read: rare) call and it's worked. They say $0.18 to New Zealand landlines, $0.35 to New Zealand mobiles.
try out xpresscall.com their rates to NZ are $0.0499 or $0.385 for cells. You also get 40 minutes free (at $0.0399 per minute) just for signing up - so you could test it without it costing you anything.