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Best New Music 2017


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Yeah I still do this.

And for a moment, I thought the women would do a clean sweep of the top 10, until LCD and The War on Drugs showed up

Anyhoo, Here's my list:

1) The War on Drugs - “A Deeper Understanding” : transcendental
, makes you want to fly across the sky, and crawl on the ground, at the same time.

2) LCD Soundsystem - “American Dream” : There’s comebacks, then there’s this dance-punk next level shit.

3) Lorde - “Melodrama” : Genius Queen

4) Kelela - “Take Me Apart” : Earthy, sexy, real, future-forward

5) Jessie Ware - “Glasshouse” : : Best ‘Happily Married’ album ever made.

What a fucking great year for new music
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6) Allie X - “CollXtion 2” : Toronto ex-pat is this years best weirdo art-chick, like Grimes. Fuck she’s cool.

7) Blue Hawaii - “Tenderness” : Montreal duo go both melancholic and upbeat. Recommended.

8) Lydia Ainsworth - “Darling of the Afterglow” : Toronto arthouse darling goes pretty witchy here.

9) The XX - “I See You”

10) Alvays - “Antisocialites” : Alt-pop at it’s best. Toronto’s on a roll this year 



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The National - “Sleep Well Beast”

Charlotte Gainsbourg - “Rest”


Kamisi Washington - “Harmony of Difference”

Maggie Rogers

Haim - “Something to Tell You”