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Best HTPC software for Bluray/Bluray3d: powerlink, total media or XBMC workarounds?


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So about to get more seriously using my HTPC as well, an HTPC!

Curious what tribe is using for software to play blurays/3d blurays

I am thinking powerlink may be the way to go (over total media) but wondering if it is worthwhile going through the hoops to get XBMC to play blurays/3d blurays

any tips?
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No. Because I'm using a tiny/low power PC, I set it up for PowerDVD when I insert a bluray or DVD, otherwise I've got it old school with mpc-hc.

We manage the media library via the file system.


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Ya thats what I do too!

Just wasn't sure if PowerDVD's file playing abilities were robust/clean enough to warrant making it my "everything" player...

But ya Im same way with everything - just use folder and manually browse+click... so will probably stick w/ VLC and maybe give XBMC a run for files

do powerdvd for blurays

thanks buddy!
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