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Best hook-up over the Internet ever


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As American As Hamburgers And Baseball.
Bust by Tattooed Indian Guy @ 10/7/2003 4:22 PM PST

Perverted Justice Mark: Adrian, 29
Yahoo IM: [ cuteasiandudepdx@yahoo.com ]
Location: Beaverton, Oregon
Phone Number: 503-202-1319 (Cell, has not been verified)
[view Yahoo! profile] [send cuteasiandudepdx a message ]

Meet my new pal Adrian. Adrian is a real peach. He was gracious enough to deliver a piping hot McDonald’s meal directly to my door. When it’s absolutely, positively got to be there overnight… PedEx it.

Make sure you scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page, when you're done reading. There's pictures down there!

girliegurl1990 (5:58:49 PM): hi asl
cuteasiandudepdx (5:59:03 PM): 29/m/portland metro
cuteasiandudepdx (5:59:11 PM): you?
girliegurl1990 (6:00:34 PM): 14/f/vancouver
cuteasiandudepdx (6:00:49 PM): was the picture you in your profile?
girliegurl1990 (6:01:25 PM): yes
cuteasiandudepdx (6:01:58 PM): you looked older than 14 in that picture. i would have thought that you were 19 or 20
girliegurl1990 (6:02:19 PM): thanks
girliegurl1990 (6:02:21 PM):
cuteasiandudepdx (6:03:06 PM): that is not a bad comment i usually don't find a 14 years old girl sexy (Why am I having such trouble believing that?)
girliegurl1990 (6:03:23 PM): hehe
girliegurl1990 (6:03:26 PM): thank u
cuteasiandudepdx (6:03:42 PM): do you chat online a lot?
girliegurl1990 (6:03:58 PM): yes everyday
cuteasiandudepdx (6:04:24 PM): what do like to do for fun?
girliegurl1990 (6:06:06 PM): i like to drink
cuteasiandudepdx (6:06:31 PM): really? have a buddy help you out?
girliegurl1990 (6:07:50 PM): u shuold by me some beer
cuteasiandudepdx (6:08:26 PM): yeah that's right are you going to get me in trouble?
girliegurl1990 (6:08:47 PM): dood dont u kjnow if i got u in trouble i wuold get in trouble too????????
cuteasiandudepdx (6:08:50 PM): do you like wine?
girliegurl1990 (6:09:10 PM): i like kahluas
cuteasiandudepdx (6:09:57 PM): i have mostly wine, a couple of good whiskeys here...
girliegurl1990 (6:10:21 PM): ok
girliegurl1990 (6:10:25 PM): u wanna come over????????
cuteasiandudepdx (6:10:30 PM): i like drink some too after work - it is nice. i like mexico beer too
cuteasiandudepdx (6:10:36 PM): sure
cuteasiandudepdx (6:10:51 PM): your parents will kill me
girliegurl1990 (6:10:57 PM): tehy are not here
cuteasiandudepdx (6:11:39 PM): to your house?
girliegurl1990 (6:11:49 PM): yah
cuteasiandudepdx (6:12:06 PM): what time... do you have friends over? ( How subtle.)
girliegurl1990 (6:12:26 PM): no i am alone
girliegurl1990 (6:12:30 PM): i gotta go tho can i call u?
cuteasiandudepdx (6:13:32 PM): yeah, i am about to leave the work now. you can send me a page at 503-202-1319. i just ordered a new cell from amazon and it is only going to be here thursday
girliegurl1990 (6:13:59 PM): cool what is the number for it so i can call u thursday to
cuteasiandudepdx (6:14:22 PM): i will need to activate it when i get it
girliegurl1990 (6:14:30 PM): cool
girliegurl1990 (6:14:36 PM): what will teh number be????????
cuteasiandudepdx (6:14:37 PM): my older plan with sprint ran out last week
cuteasiandudepdx (6:15:03 PM): i don't have it yet. thursday i will have it when i activate the phone
cuteasiandudepdx (6:15:11 PM): do you have an email so i can email you the number
cuteasiandudepdx (6:15:19 PM): or a number i can reach you
girliegurl1990 (6:15:38 PM): nope sorry
cuteasiandudepdx (6:15:52 PM): at least the package will get here thurday, so by friday i will have the number the latest
cuteasiandudepdx (6:16:27 PM): my email is [B][COLOR=Blue]cuteasiandudepdx[/COLOR][/B] @yahoo.com
cuteasiandudepdx (6:17:01 PM): what time are you planning on tonight? i am going to get out of here in a few minutes
girliegurl1990 (6:17:13 PM): ok gimme your house number i will call u when u get home ok?
cuteasiandudepdx (6:18:33 PM): my gf will kill me!!! are you going to be online for a while? i will be home in about 20 min max
girliegurl1990 (6:18:45 PM): yes i will be here for a while
girliegurl1990 (6:18:45 PM): ok
cuteasiandudepdx (6:19:10 PM): sorry really can't give you the home number since she is staying with me
girliegurl1990 (6:19:15 PM): oh ok
cuteasiandudepdx (6:19:31 PM): ok, i am going to sign off here... talk to you soon!
girliegurl1990 (6:19:37 PM): ok asee u in a bit
girliegurl1990 (6:19:42 PM): hey what do u do for work ne way?
cuteasiandudepdx (6:19:51 PM): i am an engineer
girliegurl1990 (6:20:05 PM): no i mena like what sort of company u work for
cuteasiandudepdx (6:20:12 PM): i work on computer graphic design
girliegurl1990 (6:20:45 PM): oh cool
cuteasiandudepdx (6:20:52 PM): Xavier Edit: They're claiming he does not work there (There you go, follow-uppers… A gift from Capt. Fencepost.)
girliegurl1990 (6:20:59 PM): ok well u will talk to me when u get home right???????
girliegurl1990 (6:21:12 PM): hey what is ur name anyway I am Marquelle
cuteasiandudepdx (6:21:15 PM): ok see you in about 15 minutes!!!
cuteasiandudepdx (6:21:18 PM): I am Adrian
cuteasiandudepdx (6:21:23 PM): nice to meet you
girliegurl1990 (6:21:26 PM): ok bye
girliegurl1990 (6:21:28 PM):
cuteasiandudepdx (6:21:29 PM): bye now
cuteasiandudepdx (6:56:09 PM): hi i am back
cuteasiandudepdx (6:56:53 PM): are you there Marquelle?
girliegurl1990 (6:58:21 PM): hey
girliegurl1990 (6:58:22 PM): whats up
girliegurl1990 (6:58:49 PM): hello
cuteasiandudepdx (6:58:57 PM): just got back in signed on
cuteasiandudepdx (6:59:18 PM): when do your parents come back home?
girliegurl1990 (6:59:19 PM): rite on
girliegurl1990 (6:59:22 PM): so u want to come over?
cuteasiandudepdx (6:59:29 PM): yeah i do
girliegurl1990 (6:59:31 PM): my mom will not be home now till umm wednesday mornin i think
girliegurl1990 (6:59:42 PM): she was not gona leave til tomorow but she had to go now
girliegurl1990 (6:59:45 PM): it is for work
cuteasiandudepdx (7:00:01 PM): i see
cuteasiandudepdx (7:00:09 PM): cool, that is a good chance for you
cuteasiandudepdx (7:00:20 PM): what time would it work for you?
girliegurl1990 (7:00:34 PM): tonite?
girliegurl1990 (7:00:36 PM): how about now?
cuteasiandudepdx (7:00:57 PM): ok
girliegurl1990 (7:00:59 PM): rite on
girliegurl1990 (7:01:08 PM): will u bring me some kahlua plz (I don’t drink, personally, but I have friends who do, so I thought I’d see about getting them a bottle of the finest Adrian has to offer.)
girliegurl1990 (7:01:16 PM): i bet u want to do stuff with me huh
girliegurl1990 (7:01:17 PM): do u?
cuteasiandudepdx (7:01:28 PM): so we will be all cool no troubles ok
cuteasiandudepdx (7:01:35 PM): yes
girliegurl1990 (7:01:44 PM): nope no prob b/c my mom is on teh airplane rite now goin to LA
girliegurl1990 (7:01:46 PM):
girliegurl1990 (7:01:51 PM): what do u want to do wit me
cuteasiandudepdx (7:02:03 PM): i have to go grab some stuff to eat first then i will head ot your place
cuteasiandudepdx (7:02:14 PM): a lot of things we will see what lead us to
girliegurl1990 (7:02:18 PM): hey wait
cuteasiandudepdx (7:02:34 PM): ok
girliegurl1990 (7:02:36 PM): will u bring some mcdonalds
girliegurl1990 (7:02:40 PM): for me?
cuteasiandudepdx (7:02:45 PM): sure what do you want?
girliegurl1990 (7:02:47 PM): a number 4
girliegurl1990 (7:02:54 PM):
girliegurl1990 (7:03:01 PM): do u wanna haev sex wit me??????? (Question….)
girliegurl1990 (7:03:09 PM): i am so excited u r comin over
cuteasiandudepdx (7:03:33 PM): do you want me to bring condoms too? (Answer!)
girliegurl1990 (7:03:41 PM): yes i guess u better
girliegurl1990 (7:03:51 PM): wait can u call me still plz?
girliegurl1990 (7:04:07 PM): wait NM u are comin here soon enough
girliegurl1990 (7:04:09 PM): it dont matter
cuteasiandudepdx (7:04:12 PM): sure... i will get the phone and go to another room
cuteasiandudepdx (7:04:22 PM): just pretend normal friends ok?
girliegurl1990 (7:04:29 PM): wait
girliegurl1990 (7:04:39 PM): yah i want to talk to u but no i dont want to give my number out ok
girliegurl1990 (7:04:42 PM): let me call u ok
girliegurl1990 (7:04:57 PM): i am to scared to give my number b/c i cuoild get introuble if my mom finds out
cuteasiandudepdx (7:05:09 PM): i promise i will be ok
girliegurl1990 (7:05:10 PM): i mean shit dude i am not even 14 yet tomorow i will be 14
cuteasiandudepdx (7:05:27 PM): i am afraid that my gf will pick up the phone
girliegurl1990 (7:05:29 PM): NM forget obout the phone i will give u my address ok
girliegurl1990 (7:05:34 PM): u ready
cuteasiandudepdx (7:05:52 PM): ready
girliegurl1990 (7:06:08 PM) (DELETED FOR OBVIOUS REASONS….)
girliegurl1990 (7:06:15 PM): ok?
girliegurl1990 (7:06:22 PM): u can look that up on mapquest
cuteasiandudepdx (7:06:23 PM): let me write down, 1 min ok
girliegurl1990 (7:06:26 PM): u know how rite???????????
cuteasiandudepdx (7:06:33 PM): yeah
girliegurl1990 (7:06:41 PM): ok coolies let me know when u r leavin
girliegurl1990 (7:06:43 PM): where do u live anywa
cuteasiandudepdx (7:06:57 PM): beaverton
girliegurl1990 (7:07:09 PM): k
girliegurl1990 (7:07:18 PM): coolies
cuteasiandudepdx (7:07:35 PM): i will... i just need to make something up for leaving...
girliegurl1990 (7:07:38 PM): ok
girliegurl1990 (7:08:02 PM): just tell me for sure tho when u leaving so i can be ready when u get here and not be in the bathroom putin on makeup lol lol lol
cuteasiandudepdx (7:08:06 PM): things are complicated when you have gf!! ( And they just got a hell of a lot more complicated, Adrian.)
cuteasiandudepdx (7:08:39 PM): i will be leaving in about 30 min.... what else do you want me to bring?
cuteasiandudepdx (7:10:17 PM): do you want something else besides kahlua, mcdonalds and condoms
girliegurl1990 (7:11:31 PM): no thats all (I think that about covers it. )
cuteasiandudepdx (7:11:38 PM): have you had sex before?
girliegurl1990 (7:11:43 PM): yah well kinda
girliegurl1990 (7:11:45 PM): i guess no
cuteasiandudepdx (7:11:52 PM): what do you mean
girliegurl1990 (7:12:00 PM): hmm ok well i will see u in half an hour and tell u then
girliegurl1990 (7:12:17 PM): make sure u have the stuff with u so u will not have to go back to uor car ok???????? ( And so when I look through the peephole, I can be absolutely certain it’s you.)
cuteasiandudepdx (7:12:26 PM): i will be at your place between 8:15 and 8:30 ok?
cuteasiandudepdx (7:12:36 PM): yeah i will
cuteasiandudepdx (7:12:57 PM): do you have another picture of you? do you know what i look like?
girliegurl1990 (7:12:58 PM): yes
girliegurl1990 (7:12:59 PM): bye
girliegurl1990 (7:13:05 PM): i saw your pics yes
girliegurl1990 (7:13:10 PM): see u soon ok??
cuteasiandudepdx (7:13:22 PM): between 8:15 and 8:30 ok?
girliegurl1990 (7:14:00 PM): yes
girliegurl1990 (7:14:05 PM):
girliegurl1990 (7:14:11 PM): gimme a kiss
cuteasiandudepdx (7:14:17 PM):
cuteasiandudepdx (7:29:11 PM): ok baby
girliegurl1990 (7:29:14 PM): Are u levin or what
cuteasiandudepdx (7:29:20 PM): i am going to leave now
girliegurl1990 (7:29:22 PM): ok
girliegurl1990 (7:29:23 PM): bye
girliegurl1990 (7:29:24 PM):
cuteasiandudepdx (7:29:24 PM): see you soon
cuteasiandudepdx (7:29:25 PM): bye

What happened next can only be described as “really, really cool”. Adrian did indeed show up, a few minutes behind schedule. I attribute his tardiness to the fact that he most likely stopped at a couple liquor stores on his way, trying to find one that was open. Then there was the McDonald’s drive thru, and most likely a stop at a store to pick up those itty-bitty "Kimono" brand condoms he wears. Tardy or not, though, he did show up.

I swung the door open, baseball bat in one hand and camera in the other, and snapped off a shot. I greeted him warmly. “Yo, Adrian! What’s up? I guess you’re a little surprised that I’m not a 13 year old girl, aren’t ya?”
He replied, “Oh, I bring you McDonald’s. Here, you want McDonald’s?”
“Yeah, give it here. What else ya got? Nothing? OK, gimme the grub. Thank you.”
I eyed him up and down, and asked “Why’d you come here? To fuck a little kid?”
“No, no, no, no! I was just going to give her McDonald’s.”
“You were what? Just gonna give her the burger and then leave?”
“Yes, I just give burger and leave”.
“Okay then, leave. Get the fuck outta here. And don’t you ever come back, motherfucker, I’ve got more people than you’ll EVER have! Go on, get the fuck out!”
With that, Adrian departed for destinations known only to himself. Follow-uppers, I’m counting on you here.

A picture says a thousand words, so here… check out the pictures. You’ll love ‘em.

(click the link at the top to view pics)

Edit...wow, the formatting sure got fucked up.
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Awesome, that moron deserved it.

Although, it's pretty obvious to me that this guy who pretended to be the girl has some issues too.
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I'm at work and can't seem to access the pics. Next time I need someone to bring me some food an dliquor, I'll know what to do!

But seriously, this web-site is a good idea. So is tattoed Indian guy work for the site, or he just submitted this situation to the site?

Eccentric (LRG)

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Pics for you to see DSV.





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I read another one of those things on that site... these people (the ones they are after) are sick fucks.

I'll never understand why people do these things to children.



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Originally posted by Eccentric (LRG)

Too meny preditors out in the interweb world.

It's part of the Culture of Fear, moreso than actual fact.

Fear of the unknown, as in anyone over 30 doesn't quite understand the concepts involved with the superhighway of information, and they think that every second person is some sort of sexual predator.

Ludicrous, really. But it sure makes a lot of money for some people, preying on people's fears.
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Disclaimer: This information is made available for the purpose of informing the internet community, creating awareness for parents, and deterring individuals such as this. Our claims of "truth" with this file are limited to two areas, that the screen name in question had the conversation above, and that in files post-September 1st, 2003, that the phone number included in the file was used during the commission of this chatlog.

Eccentric (LRG)

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no, I know.
I mean if every 2nd person were some sort of preditor... I'd have come across an awful lot of bad people in the past 6 or so years.
When In reality I can't say anyone I've ever met has been anything but kind and cool.

I'm just saying.. there are though, bad people out there that
prey on young children. And its sad.


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Originally posted by Eccentric (LRG)
I'm just saying.. there are though, bad people out there that
prey on young children. And its sad.

Yes, true... and if I could, I would kill them, personally.

My point is that the fear surrounding the issue is not matched with reality at all.

Hawk Eye

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This girl i used to baby sit, her parents are my God parents, so they're like family, anyway she's 16 and has an Internet boyfriend who lives in the united states. She'sl planning on visiting him. she's planning on flying there. He can't come visit her bc he's polish and is an immigrant or something.

I basically gave her shit
i hope my aunt and uncle do something bc that's ridiculous.
im worried.
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what about the condoms did the tattoo'd guy take those too ?

and the kahluah, it would be shame for all that kaluah to go waste......


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Originally posted by quantumize
what about the condoms did the tattoo'd guy take those too ?

and the kahluah, it would be shame for all that kaluah to go waste......

they probably had hot bum sex. Thos condoms did not go to waste.
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