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Best Garment Steamer??

Beer babe

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I got a free garment steamer that fell over and broke (piece of shit), but it wasn't that good anyway, so looking for recommendations for a new one.

I fucking HATE ironing and this was so much better for me overall. I want something that gets wrinkles out fast with little effort.
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Rowenta, as a cursory search would reiterate. Although I will say I ended up selling mine because it just took up a lot of space for what a good iron can do.
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They're great. I got it at a store in the Fashion District which sold sewing machines and retail equipment to retail stores.

Just don't keep water in the jug/ inside it when you're not using it because the calcification wreaks havoc on it's insides. You're not suppose to run vinegar through it (rusting) like you would a kettle.