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Best freestyle battles!

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haha, true. i'm sure lots was fresh off the lid sameway. the rhyme inspectah has lyrics fi days!!!

um,. next thing...

tom green dealing with x to tha z's case.! :)


Destro Sanchez

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someone sent me this last week.

check the OR, yo!

Tom freestyles, while X to the Z kicks written raps...

at least xzibit is better than Steve-O on the same show when he's freestylin (ouch!)
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ok these videos I am posting are by no means "best of all time" lol - just a few ones off the top of my head that I thought are good..

me personally I really like some cats out of Philly - though they are often really gangster with lots of gun talk etc etc. Reed Dollaz is one of the best ones.. he destroys this Trigga dude (who sucks)

and this here.. Freeway gets annihilated by Cassidy.. you might wanna skip thru Freeway's verses but Cassidy is a beast

another good battle ->

and just saw this one the other day - both dudes are sick

classic battle =) Iron Solomon is sick ->

one from the Montreal division of KOTD last year

and lastly.. this one is obviously just a joke but it cracked me up =)

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