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best DVD burning software


TRIBE Member
i'm just wondering what peoples thoughts are on DVD burning software, as i just got a computer with a DVD burner today. what's the best and simplest software out there for burning movies, data, copying/ backing up DVDs ect?


TRIBE Member
for dvd-5 (4.3gb) i use dvddecryptor to make an iso which you can burn in nero. for dvd-9 (8.5gb) i generally use dvd shrink to either rip only the movie, or lower the quality on the extras/previews so that the movie has the highest quality possible without disturbing the menus.

you should search on google for both, as dvddecryptor is now "illegal" to distrobute (but you can still find copies pretty easy)

if you've got a dual layer dvd burner, i would just use dvddecryptor and make an iso you can burn onto a dual layer dvd-r and not degrade the quality one bit.