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best chinese restaurant please


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i am going for chinese for lunch. i am in woodbridge. i will go as far as scarborough in any direction

wha is the best chinese restaurant and where is it located?

[P.S is the prefect chinese restaurant still on birchmount and sheppard?]


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it's not fancy or anything but the have the best beef and noodle ever.

ps. it's located inside a plaza and it's the corner restaurant
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there are some good places in and aroun 7 and woodbine/ 7 and leslie, but what kind of chinese food are you looking for? cheaper snack-type stuff a la congee wong or more pricey chinese seafood places?


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Anybody that says New Ho King has obviously only eaten Ho Lee Chow before and that is why they were impressed.

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judge wopner

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Great San's- spadina , one block north of dundas. east side. open 24 hrs.

Chopstix- young and eg, east side, 3 blks
north of eglinton. simple, fresh, and cheap.

yeu tung (sp?) dundas and alexandria i think, wicked chilli chicken w/ egg noodle.


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SWATOW is very thrifty Chinese food, meaning by which, it's only ok.

Within that area, XAM YU is probably the best seafood restaurant in that area. It's just north of the old LCBO on Spadina.
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SWATOW is next to a hair salon called "Râver" (a little known fact)

Essential menu choices: 106, 67


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Congee wong, warden and 7

perfect, brimley and sheppard

rol san

Hong Shing - university and dundas. (mmmmm general tao's chicken, and best chili chicken evar)


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Ambassador in Richmond Hill.

can't remember where it is though... HWY 7 and something...

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case sensitive

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Avoid Oriental Taste in Kitchener at all costs. They may call it chicken, but that word has no relation to the meat substitute you recieve.

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