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Best Camera to Buy/Where to buy it?

Temper Tantrum

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I had a gorgeous Olympus camera that met it's sad sad fate around New Years this Year and is long gone. It had gone to Africa and Europe with me and shall be missed :(
I know nothing about cameras, I have a bit of a photographers eye but am essentially a point and click type of girl.
Anyways, since I'm planning on going to Thailand this summer there will be a million and one great photo oppurtunities and I dont want to miss a single one!
What type of camera is the best one to buy for this sort of trip? are SLR cameras that hard to use? Where are the cheapest places online or in toronto to buy cameras?

Any help is much appreciated

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i'm realling intrigued by the elph advantax film camera - its so small, and my friend has it and loves it....and its less than $200

for toronto, i think www.vistek.ca has the best online prices....henrys is a total rip-off.

i bought my camera at downtown camera, which is right across the street from henrys, on queen - better service and better prices as well.



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Get a Mamya RZ Professional....

That's what i used to use when i was shooting weddings.

But at 5.5 pounds, she does get heavy after awhile.


Teamed up with a METZ Strobe system.... UNSTOPPABLE!



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don't go for an elph. i worked at black's for two years and hated selling people elphs. APS negatives are 1/3 smaller than standard 35mm negs, so when you blow them up to the same size, the picture quality isn't as good.

what price range are you looking in? i can totally help you out by recommending something.....

JC, photo nerd with a hangover.
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Originally posted by tommysmalls
henrys is a total rip-off.

i bought my camera at downtown camera, which is right across the street from henrys, on queen - better service and better prices as well.

Yes. Check out Downtown Camera for sure.
I saved over $200 on a $750+ camera set. Great service and they threw in many free accessories. Queen just east of Yonge.


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i lugged an SLR all over SE asia when i went and it was def. worth it-- but i can't say that you wouldn't better off just with a good quality point-and-click-- especially if you won't reap the benefits of having an SLR camera.
unless you plan on getting into photography or wanted an SLR anyways, you may as well get a camera that will serve you well both on your trip and for everything else. in that case, do you want normal film? advantix (so you can take panoramic shots and all that jazz?) digital camera?? you need to narrow that down first.

j bunny 2000

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SLR's are great if you want to do alot with your pictures. Most come with a variety of lens and settings, including automatic if you are unsure on how to set it manually. Many also come with settings that let you take portait, nighttime, and motion shots. But they can be very costly ..over 500 for a new SlR camera. But you can definetely get one used for a lot cheaper if you are not willing to spend that much.

hope i helped

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Originally posted by Cheap Ego

What do you think of the Elph digitals? Particularly the the S300 or S330?

about 10 people on the board who acticvely post amazing pictures have the s110 or the s100....i think they're both discontinued, but this line of digital cameras has an amazing lens and takes great pictures even though you can get a 3+ megapixel camera now for a similar price

i don't know anyone who's had any beef with the digi-elph. having said that, i don't know anyone that has the 300 or the 330.

tommy <-- a proud elph-maniac


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did you like your old olympus enough to buy a new one, tt?

I've got the olympus stylus epic, got it at vistek for around 150 a year ago. Not *fantastic* pictures, but they're pretty good.

If I remember right, I think I bought mine just for my thailand trip too. ;)


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A word of caution: If you plan to buy an SLR for your trip, learn to use it *before* you go :)
Also, I find I don't like the feel of a lot of "modern" SLRs--too much plastic, too fragile. An old manual Pentax or Nikon will take a lickin and keep tickin. My old Pentax is 25 years old and works great. If the batteries die, you don't even need to replace them b/c all they power is the light meter.

As far as digital goes, I have a Canon s100 and love it. BUT.. You'd need an adapter to plug it in in Asia, and what would you do with your pics once your CompactFlash card is full?

For a point and shoot that gets great results, check out the Yashica T4/T4 Super. Compact, and a great lens (Zeiss).

Check out the photo.net travel guide to cameras here: http://www.photo.net/equipment/travel-camera


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i agree w. stargurl* on all accounts:

like i said, if you won't benefit from the features of an SLR and don't learn to use it, then get a point-and-click

i used to have a yashica w. a zeiss lens... it was a great camera, and extremely durable, took amazing photos, lightweight and completely idiot-proof.


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The people at Henry's down at Queen/Church are super helpful and friendly. Just go in, tell them what you are looking for and they will hook you up. I was suprised no one else mentioned this store? www.henrys.com for your online pleasure.

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I really like my Olympus Epic Zoom80. tiny, rugged construction, good lens for a point&shoot, nice features... 35mm, not advantax


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Originally posted by C-NiCE
The people at Henry's down at Queen/Church are super helpful and friendly.... I was suprised no one else mentioned this store?

You can't read, can you?

3 people already mentioned how Henry's sucks ass, and they are a rip-off.


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Try Aden Camera at Yonge/Elm. I bought my camera there and get all my film developed there too.

Oh, and I have a Nikon LiteTouch 120ED. Great 35mm camera, 38mm-120mm zoom, no panoramic, but it is an option. Personally, I'd say don't waste your time with the pano option. I think the camera goes for less than $279 now.

Also ... be sure to buy decent quality film. It *does* make a difference.

-- Jay aka Fut


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i have a Canon Elph JR. $150 point and shoot and its small as hell. no problems with the picture quality - in fact, everyone compliments them. i think advantix is great but next camera will be a canon s300 digital.

Ms. Fit

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Originally posted by trinitydub
don't go for an elph. i worked at black's for two years and hated selling people elphs. APS negatives are 1/3 smaller than standard 35mm negs, so when you blow them up to the same size, the picture quality isn't as good.

really? i have an elph/elph jr. and i was impressed w/the way my pics turned out the first time i used it -- they were so vivid!

ah well, i don't really no anything about photography. but i'm happy with my elph
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feisty boy

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i agree with stargurl.

don't pay for new - an older manual SLR will be much more durable and simple. just make sure it's got a good internal light meter.

as for all the beefs about henry's - i would rather go there than vistek any day - vistek is aimed more at professionals, their customer service sucks ass.
downtown camera is good, but their selection is VERY limited (especially for used)

shop around - you never know where you might find a lucky deal.

and SLR's are not hard to use - in most circumstances, any halfway decent SLR with auto metering will give you a good shot, providing you know the fundamentals of exposure.


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do not go to the Advantex film cameras...especially if you pride yourself with a photographers eye...

3 types to look at
SLR - great depth in photos, lots of different photo manipulations (may take some time to get it down) great deals at both henry's or Downtown Camera for used/refurbished, ability to change lens/filters, look for SLR w manual & auto (to gain pont and shoot feature) I started w Minolota AF7000 beginner model but has all the basics to really enjoy photography(moved to Sti)...but realize SLR are bulky and a little harder to carry when travelling but worth the quality of the photos

Point & Shoot - great variety slim many come with panoramic and zoom lens (great features to look for) also picture in picture, blub, red eye reduction prices range from 200-700 most can fit into a pocket/purse (I love my Canon <$300)

Digital - easy to pick and choose photos a little more $$ if you like to have them on your computer great choice, if you would like the photos point and shoot or SLR (Digi -Fugi FinePix good choice)

hope it helps- (take some BW film you wont regret it)