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Best and most secure way to send money to Asia?


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Namely China. Anyone have experience with this?

I tried doing a search for threads but it won't work for some reason.

thx 4 your help

and no I'm not buying a mail order bride :)


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who are you sending it to? a chinese national/business or a foreigner?

In the past I've had money sent to me two ways: 1) interact money transfer 2) credit to my Visa account.

These work perfectly in China if you're a foreigner with a foreign bank account.


the hard part is getting your money OUT of China!
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JAR said:
wire transfer through the bank into their Chinese account.

I've signed up with xe.com to eft money before, the rates are great but it can be a bit of a pain with the paperwork

depends on how much you are sending
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