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best album from 1995-present

terrawrist III

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Trust me...I've given this a LOT of thought but both these albums represent what defines quality Hip hop for me these days...both intensely powerful endeavours that bring out goosebumps with each and every listen...this is creativity at it's purest and finest!

it's a cloe tie because there is NO way I can choose between these 2 brilliant rides :)

terrawrist III

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Tony Bandana said:
well i guess not this era was were everything kinda fell off lol??

all perspective...the reason I made this thread is because this era is when the music was pretty much forced underground and a LOT of creative sounds came from it...if I was to compile a top 25 list of hip hop albums that changed I how I look at the genre it would be from this era...DIY to the core.

terrawrist III

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that Co-Flow LP still gives me shivers...next level shit.

have you listened to Bigg Jus' output lately??... still on top of his game.


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no i haven't, but will make a point of it for sure, thanks

btw, the Quas album i would rate as the best for sure. Not a proper LP, but the first Soundbombing comp was fire - Reflection Eternal's 'Fortified Live' has the absolute dopest lyrics ever


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I am not saying that this album is THE best album from 95 to present but it is in the top 10 for sure.



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my true hip-hop days were long done prior to 95, but i still picked up stuff i dug. after 95 the notable mentions are:



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illadelph halflife is SICK, good call. i was reminded about these two gems last night.

madchild has some ill verses on balance and it was so not commercial like their later stuff, which was still pretty good imo.

terrawrist III

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^^ really wish he'd get Kutmasta on board and make another one...Dooom was keith at his hungriest! His verses on Dooom is in the room are insane!


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and others deserving of respect imo...

atcq - beats, rhymes and life - '96

atcq - the love movement - '98

(Mos Def & Talib Kweli are) BlackStar - '98

dr. octagon (aka kool keith) - dr. octagynecologist - '96

wayne bradbury

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terrawrist III said:
^^ really wish he'd get Kutmasta on board and make another one...Dooom was keith at his hungriest! His verses on Dooom is in the room are insane!
Diesel Truckers was ok at best and that was Kurt back on the boards.
I did manage to see the 2 of them perform in Brisbane a few years back. Kurt rocked his beard, then switched to shades and a hat when Keith came out.

Also I'm waiting on my Unreleased Sex Styles CD to come in the mail. Dope funky shit from 93-96.
Can't nail it down to just one.

I'd say

Mos Def - Black On Both Sides
Dr. Octagon
Wu Tang - Forever
MF Doom - Operation Doomsday
Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientelle
Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor

Was Raekwon's Cuban links 1995? Or 94?