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Berlin...Where to stay? (quality hostels perhaps)


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I´ll be in Berlin as of Oct. 21 for a week or so and I was wondering if anyone could recommend any clean\cheap places to stay. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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I stayed at "backpacks", which I think is the name, which was one of the more popular ones, precisely because it was well priced and very clean.

It was 25DM a night which was the going rate, and very well kept.

It is probably the one known as "Bax Pax" because that one is located on Oranienstraße, which I remember because I always mistakenly read "Onanierenstraße", which is very funny if you speak German.

Ah, Berlin. In the mornings we went to posh breakfast gallas with the Berliner Symphonie und Chor, in the afternoons we visited Museums and royal Prussian Gardens, in the evenings we attended Operas and fine restaurants, and in the wee hours of night we consumed all manner of intoxicants in Goa-trance pumping brothels and squatter-occupied-slum-ravesque who-knows-whats.

Four days. No sleep. By the third opera on the third day, someone finally asked if I was OK. I felt like answering, "I will be as soon as I get a beer."



Mitte's Backpacker on Zinnewitzerstrasse.

Take the U6 north if I recall correctly.

Incredible places, both Berlin and Backpacker.


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I was just in Berlin 4+ months ago. The place I stayed at was the best place I found in all of Europe. It's called Circus II (there is a Circus I as well). The rooms are cleaner than clean (and look straight out of an Ikea ad), the staff are really cool, helpful and informative. Their All you Can Eat breakfast is prety good too.

I believe it cost 15E a night. There is a nice pub built into the place too.

Have fun!

p.s. Go to Tressor. Crazy club....if it's still open.


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Hostels in Berlin!

I didn't stay in a hostel in Berlin but I did do some research for a friend of mine who left to travel Europe... so here goes!


JH Berlin International
Kluckstr. 3
10785 Berlin
Phone: 030/2611097
Fax: 030/2650383
E-Mail: jh-berlin@jugendherberge.de

Contact: Mr. Ingolf Keil & Mr. Hans-Martin Schwarz
junior BBinc: 18.50 EUR, senior BBinc: 22.60 EUR
Beds 350

Hermsdorfer Damm 48-50
13467 Berlin
Phone: 030/4041610
Fax: 030/4045972
E-Mail: jh-ernst-reuter@jugendherberge.de
Contact: Mr. Dieter Bogula & Mr. Wolfram Weidemann
Cost: junior BBinc: 14.40 EUR, senior BBinc: 18.00 EUR

Badeweg 1
14129 Berlin
Phone: 030/8032034
Fax: 030/8035908
E-Mail: jh-wannsee@jugendherberge.de
Contact: Mrs. Bärbel Wurzel & Mr. Peter Wurzel
Cost: junior BBinc: 18.00 EUR & senior BBinc: 22.10 EUR

Its SUCH a fun city!!

Linzee xx
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I'll check the name of the place I stayed in when I get home tonight. It was great....clean and inexpensive. 10 min walk from the Zoo train station.

Berlin is a wonderful city...you will have a blast



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It's where David Bowie and Iggy Pop went when they decided to kick the Heroin & Coke! :rolleyes:

It's a great city! You'll have a blast. Love Parade 2003 here I come


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Circus is definitely the place to stay. Probably the nicest hostel I stayed at in Europe, but yes definitely straight out of an Ikea catalogue. It is in East Berlin so it is a bit further from somethings, but it is right on the subway line, and the public transit in Berlin is awesome.

And its about 5 minutes from Sternradio...got to see Ian Pooley for $5 with about 150 people there....


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Okay... easy call.

If you want nice rooms, central location, and spotless, new facilities then stay at the Circus II at Rosenthaler Platz (U7 line). It has a cool bar downstairs which makes meeting other travellers super easy.

If you want good rooms, okay location (Zinnowitzer Strasse on the U6 line), but a friendlier and more "party minded" staff who actually don´t mind hanging out with the guests, go for Mitte´s Backpacker. Facilities aren´t so new, but it´s got a bit more personality than Circus II. The same owners own BaxPax (Goerlitzer Bahnhof on the U1 line), which is smaller but in a cooler neighbourhood, and can be a real blast if you end up with the right combination of guests.

If you can live with a bit of grit, you can go for Lett´em Sleep. Small, rundown, but in a very cool part of town, and the staff have a good line on the Berlin underground scene. About a 10 minute walk from Eberswalder Strasse station on the U2 line.

Hope the info helps - Got any more questions

(Living in Berlin for over two years now and have worked at three of the above four hostels.)


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Stay with some neo-Nazis ... free room/board/beer
And all what you'll have to do is mug some people and probablly lite some flags on fire ... sounds like a deal to me