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Benny Benassi @ This is London


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i know a bunch of tribers were there.. but no reviews? :p

anyways... wasn't sure what to expect although I had heard very good things about his DJing... wasn't let down.. dirty electro house from start to finish that had the room going off! although he did lose for a breif period towards the 3:00am mark... if i recall correctly is was a frickin coldplay remix.. p.s. i hate cold play :p

other then that.. great night!
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Yep, another one in the books @ TIL...and as I was TRYING to tell everyone, that Benassi dj's FAR from what he produces, which is a good thing...He had my attention for the first hour, which was solid, just bangin' tune after bangin' tune, and people were lovin' it. I heard Sharam's PATT in there, and a few others I recognized from Miami.

Cheers to ev for the GL (and for that drink, lol), and too all the others who made it out...oh, and to neaners, my partner in crime for the night...i told ya so...:p


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Much better than expected. I actually haven't heard good things and I hate that satisfaction track from a few years back but you're right about the dirty electro. It was jamming, and I even enjoyed the coldplay remix, but then I love Coldplay so no surprise there:) Just one of those anthems that I love hearing on a big system.


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thanks again Ev and Aimee for the GL hook ups

Benny was excellent I thought the tracks he droppped were top knotch, I only caught the 1st hour or so but he was droppping serious bombs from the get go. If I wasn't still sick I would have stayed longer as the music was what I enjoyed. He was nothing like his production which tends to be a bit more on the commercial tip.

Hopefully he makes it back this way soon
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Personally, I didn't like what I heard as I am tired of that electro sound. I didn't stay very long, but other people seem to be enjoying it.

There were a lot of ginos there that night, but there were also tons of hot women.

Thanks Amy (via Stan) for the gl.


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Agent Smith said:
Yessir... sorry no room left in the car. Windsor was a riot.

Let's have a drink this weekend.

No worries, wouldn't have gone anyways -- was strangely nuked. I think the redbull joined up with the otrivin.
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Agent Smith

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lockedgruv said:
it was concert-like for Benny in Windsor Sat night...chants, autographs, boobies

Yeah, the place was a shitshow. I sat quietly to the left of the stage most of the night sucking down double gin and tonics.