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Ben Watt :P


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i know i know :D

Hey promotors!

Ben Watt's doing a mini tour of the states again, this summer, and bypassing
Canada AGAIN. Do something, y'all!
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new cd...

28.04.06 Buzzin' Fly Vol 3. Mix album and bonus EP. Storm brewin'!
:: London, 21h10, temperature 11°, humidity 69%, fair. A storm is brewing and it's heading your way. June 5 (ex-North America) and July 11 (North America) see the release of Ben Watt's eagerly awaited Buzzin' Fly Volume 3 mix CD. Already we have been staggered by the early reaction. Hard-to-please leading UK dance publication, DJ Magazine, awards the compilation a perfect 5 Stars in its lead review next month, saying: "Buzzin' Ben has found the melody of minimal, electro and deep house all right. And he's made it his own. Nothing's missing, it's all here. 5/5." Meanwhile, top tipsheet Update, makes it 'Compilation Of The Week' with another 5 Star review. The album is packed with Buzzin' Fly exclusives and hidden gems, and as if that weren't enough, on the same day (June 5) we release an additional EP of brand new remixes of three of the album's top tracks on which Rodamaal's 'Insomnia' gets a blistering and hypnotic mix from new German kings, Âme (pic above); a remix that has had everyone bending over backwards to find a copy since Miami, and is now tipped to be one of the summer major underground anthems. Also included on the remix EP are Lephtee's 'So Far Back' re-worked by King Britt's new psychedelic Techno outfit The Nova Dream Sequence, and Charles Webster's masterly re-edit of Kayot's 'Clear Sky' (Manoo and Francois A Remix). The album and EP are released on Buzzin' Fly Records worldwide. North American fans can experience our new exciting direct distribution deal through Caroline. Ben Watt tours the UK in June and early July, and the US in late July, early August.
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at the risk of prompting a new barrage of Ben Watt threads, I thought you guys would want to know about his new weekly radio show on Proton

House music pioneer and vital member and mastermind behind the chicago-house driven pop of "Everything but the Girl", Ben Watt brings the sound of his well built "Buzzin' Fly" record label to a weekly show on Proton Radio.

Buzzin' Fly will air every Saturday at 3am and will bring forward new and established mixes and singles from the likes of Phonique, Justin Mastin and Jimpster. The show launches this Saturday.

good time slot too - come home with some people after partying, at least you won't need to find music to play.


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Was just re-listening to his set at Smartbar from two years ago....incredible mix.

bump for Mr. Watt


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has anyone listened to the proton show? i keep missing it...

here's his miami blog

standing under a deepening indigo sky on the penultimate day of WMC 2008 listening to gui boratto finish his one hour slot on a well-tuned, not over-loud system facing the atlantic ocean at the perfectly small-but-packed outdoor beatport party at the national hotel in miami last night i looked up and thought how beautiful and inspiring electronic music can be. it had echoes of DC10, ibiza’s famous all-day terrace party, a bobbing effortlessly exuberant crowd rising and falling with ever subtle incremental changes in the musical arrangement. nothing histrionic, nothing brash. a kind of humble community music that rocks you to the very core and fills you up with its imagination. i was sucked into the centre of the crowd and danced in the warm glow of a few large vodka cranberries utterly absorbed. following in perfect sync, tiefschwarz and the M.A.N.D.Y. boys played equally wonderful cameo sets peppered with playful vocals and gorgeous muscular percussive beats. with the party over, an hour later, for want of nothing better to do, i joined a group of friends heading for a rooftop party thrown by warner brothers. it was, i found out as the doors opened, the ’Madonna’ party, in that Madonna of course was not there (her image was beamed on the wall in case we needed to see her), but she had personally and clearly very generously picked the DJs for the night for the benefit of all the underlings present. i was told in hushed tones that bob sinclar had just finished. as i stood listening the brutal cacophony coming from CD collection of the wizened Dutch techno DJ turned american pop-dance act, junkie xl, i felt like i was standing in a relentless hail-storm, pelted with the stones, being force fed Coca-Cola. and they call this House Music too, you know. the battle lines are forever drawn. take a stand, folks.
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he is so right. Right now there is some of the most amazing 'electronic' music being produced and some of the absolute worst.