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Bello Masiello at TIL


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What a treat!! My first time at This is London, and well the women's washroom is fit for princesses. And, most importantly, the vibe at the club was awesome.

Desyn was ON tonight, and wow, talk about sexy deep house. Thanks Soho for bringing bello Masiello to TIL. Bravo, bravo.
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heh, i concur with all that! and it was good (briefly) catching up with you! ;)

coleridge, always a pleasure.

cheers all.


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The music was on point last night! WOW! Great tunes, solid basslines! Boo to having to leave at 3 cause i have to work today.

noodle, you were there?!

Special K

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I had an awesome time and I have to say that I really like TIL as a venue. The layout of the club is really good, the sound is crisp and clean, the staff is nice and friendly and the crowd seems to be friendly and up for it!


I thought Desyn's set last night was pretty good too. I'm not totally into all of the stuff he plays (I like things a little more twisted + driving) but on the whole I thought he was pretty fucking good. Nice fun and funky uplifting party house tunes all night long from Desyn. It would have been nice if he had played a little longer but whatver it's all good.

ps. special k jr aka special j :D had a blast @ her first 19+ party, so much so that she didnt want to leave :0 haha. and yet another disciple of the house sound is born.

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i had an awesome time at TIL last night. i was very impressed by the club layout and design as soon as i got in. very kool space. The crowd was good too, and to top it off Desyn killed it!


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noodle said:
Brad Copeland kicked my ass.

mine too... i'm suprised i didn't see you Vanessa...

I had a great night even though I ended up leaving early... Brad Copeland was spot on... good job mate. Desyn was okay for the hour I heard him play... i'm actually looking forward to seeing Luke Fair's return, which I hope will be soon.

It was my first time in the club... it looked very nice, maybe too nice... only real problem I had was that the club allows smoking, I can't see myself coming back too often because of that. Crowd was good, a lot of people were dressed up. I was happy to see some people i hadn't seen in a long while, TORSO, Mod One, Toby, Beatjunkie, Tara, and Gregor and company... and It was also nice meeting Adrian, and Mandapanda.

all in all a good night.


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i had an awesome time last night. i thought desyn was great. not the best set i've heard from him - he kinda lost me towards the end - but still totally fun. and he certainly is easy on the eyes. ;) wished he would have played longer than 3 hours, but whatever, we get to see him again tonight in ottawa! god, i'm tired. brad was great as well. anyways...as always, lovely to see everyone out and to meet some new people. :)

i was *this* close to getting a cd too. so close! pout, pout.

and yeah, i think i definitely like TIL. wish there was no smoking though. and as palatial as the ladies bathrooms are, it's a fucking trek to get up there! found the sound to be a bit too loud, almost painful at times, but i was a dumbass and forgot my earplugs.
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Special K said:
ps. special k jr aka special j :D had a blast @ her first 19+ party, so much so that she didnt want to leave :0 haha. and yet another disciple of the house sound is born.

ha, glad she had fun. :)
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JAR said:
how do they get away with allowing smoking?

this is london private social club... so you have to be a "member" to get in.

hoever... only a few more months till no smoking anywhere!
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I was there for about an hour.

Not my kinda music really although there was this one bassline that was ridiculous.

TIL is beautiful and the staff are awesome. I love walking into a club and everybody from the bouncers to the pat down girl to the ticket girl to coatcheck actually seems glad to see you.

I was tired but entertained myself teasing the prog djs............."Is he gonna mix soon? Let me know cause I don't want to miss it."

Oh they could have turned downed the volume a bit and the sound would have been perfect.


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copeland was amazing
i was at this party with my girlfriend
and during brad's set she kept asking why i wasnt dancing, because she could tell i wanted to, and i did... badly
and i told her that if i danced too much too early i wouldnt be able to dance later. i said 'i have to save room for the main course'
well, i should have filled up on bread because copeland had the set of the night in my opinion
when desyn started his set i loved that raw breakbeat he was playing
then he got all trancey
then he played some really housey rhythmic piano based tune
and then a funky electro tune, and he stuck with that sound for most of the nite it seemed
i was really feeling a few of the tracks he played
but im just not digging the funky sound much these days
just personal prefernece

had an awesome time though
the club was great
as usual
ill definitely be back soon
laurent at the latest


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what a magical night! it was good to be back at This Is London. from the moment we walked in and during the time we were there, all the staff were friendly and helpful. also- i got to really see and appreciate more the stunning visual decor this time (as it wasn't as crowded as at the opening party).
seeing Desyn there was such a treat. his set was great-beautiful, melodic beats-i lost myself in the sound entirely.

Brad Copeland's opening and closing sets were fantastic-as always! :)

and it was so good to see everyone :) and share those magical moments. i felt one of the best parts of last night's celebrations was the sense of community and togetherness.

it was great to meet you peko.

thank you to gregor, adriana and crew for a very fun and special night out. i am really looking forward to more dancing nights at TIL.

"come with me to the dancefloor, you and me, 'cause that's what's it's for...":D
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quick question. i was a staffer at TIL when it opened, but haven't been back since. do they still have the subs hanging from the ceiling or have they moved them to the floor? i never understood why they are flown, aside from keeping floor space clear.


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So This is London

Truly a treat - from the moment you walked in the door, the staff the decor and the sound; oh the view from the second floor WOW!!!. Although disappointed they had me remove my visor at the line up, I kept it close to me and as the night began to take off I slipped it right back on.

Brad warmed us up realy well. Not knowing what to expect from Desyn, excpet from what I heard from his latest compilation, I was not disappointed in the least, really physced when he threw CRASH in there. A nice transition between Desyn and Brad to close the night out.

Everyone came to dance and share in the moment. From the pockets of people celebrating one thing or another, to the general crowd, everyone seemed to be having a great time. Really felt like a private party. The bass line throughout the night kept it going.

During his warm up we had asked Brad how we can get a copy of his NYE Set at System, if you e-mail him he will send you one. That was a night to remember.

Great partying with all of you.
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Yet another stellar night @ TIL is in the books, and if friday night was a sign of things to come in Miami...then look out!

Brad got the room bumpin' just right, and from the moment Desyn came on till he dropped his last track, it was a wikked ride of melodies and basslines. He played that chuggin' rollercoaster type sound I'm diggin', and a few familiar tracks here and there as well (Red Carpet - Alright...!). 3 hours seemed a tad too short, but I'll take it...Brad came back on and kept the room movin' till the lights came on.

Lots of familiar faces out for this one, proper party people ya know...2 days until Miami!


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Had a great time it was nice seeing crazylegs and others i haven't seen in a while. Music was good, I think it was my 1st time hearing Desyn and he was solid.

TIL is becoming a favorite of mine, thanks again Ev for the hookups.

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Great night. Couldn't decide if I wanted to go see Stanton or Desyn, but I am glad I went to TIL. Great crew out, I was surrounded by awesome people all night and the music was surprisingly good.

Thumpr and noodle, I liked your little VIP area. :D Started with you two then it grew into a mini party in that area.


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It was defenitely a good night out for sure. Copeland started it off nicely with some light house but started laying some deep tracks after an hour into his set. I was expecting more vocal tracks from Desyn & Brad, but I guess they were more focused on laying down some impressive house beats instead.
Also, somebody on the first page mentioned that the upstairs was fully opened, well it wasn't!
The only thing that stunned me was when out of nowhere, I got whipped by an elastic band, TWICE! Like wtf? Yeah yeah, you know who you are now post your pics already!

It was great bumping into PEKO as well. I loved your introduction;"PEEEEEEEKOOO"Ahh, gotcha:p

Thanks to CrazlegsM for covering me. I definetely appreciate it sweety! :)



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TIL(This Is London) is a great venue... what a great layout they have! bar in the back you turn around and you’re a few feet from the action (dance floor). The people are well dressed and beautiful. Brad played a great opening set... the best so for IMO. Desyn spun a nice set with some great melodies and some awesome baselines. He has a great talent with his track selection. I would definitely go back to TIS... I had a great time.
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