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bell sat problems


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Question. I have two 6400 receivers. The upstairs receiver is getting 82 & 91 just fine. 95 - 100%

The downstairs receiver is causing me problems. It wasnt picking up the 82 sat. I did check switch thing a bunch of times with no success. So i unplugged the cable and did the check switch with no inputs. Then after it found no sats, i plugged the cable back in and did the check switch again. It only found sat 91. I have repeated the process and it doesnt find the 82 sat?

Any suggestions. The dish it self hasnt moved. Up stairs gets 82 and 91. What can i do?

thanks for the help.

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You need to isolate the issue so I would swap boxes first, or at least try upstairs box downstairs and see if it also can't see.

It probably won't.

So then your issue is going to be between your switch and the cable. Next steps could include locating the switch and swapping cables on the end there - if problem jumps to the other room you know its the switch.

if problem stays in same location you know its the cabling.

If you can isolate the issue like this you know what your next step is: replacing either box, cable or switch.

It won't be the LNB or anything between the LNB and the switch - since all is working upstairs.


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And just so we're clear this is your LNB on your dish:


And your switch will look something like this - and could be located inside where it can be connected with auxiliary power:


And it will all be connected like this:


Your problem will be between your switch and your boxes, not between your switch and your dish.


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THanks for the detailed reponse. Ill start breaking down the steps and trying to find the problem. Ill report back tomorrow.

diagrams / pictures rock.
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