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Bell President throws hissy fit over CRTC decision, gets smacked the fuck down by own employees

i spoke to Bell's " loyalty " department today for a half hour.
all this guy tried to do was look at each of my packages ( Fibe cable and internet, and 2 phones ) and try and widdle down some services , therefore saving me money. he was completely lost for words when i slammed him on the prices for Better Cable, and the 50/10 internet, let alone my 105 a month phone ( 4 gig, unlimited minutes ).
i notified him the next time i called, it would be to remove our cable and internet from them. now i just gotta see if a Teksavy type company can give me head here in Hamilton. i am done with cable. i'll pay more for faster than 50/10 service as long as there's no cap.

Fuck Bell, and the whore that's running tings.
Did you just insinuate that Blade Runner was horrendously awful, or do you mean that it should have as good as Blade Runner?
(since you disagree with Mad Max being a good movie)

It should have taken a page from that, and somehow made it modern. All these dolts are just loving shit blowing up.

Cars with the original Mad Max with Blade runner = win.

Or else we just get a feminist flick where they carry a bunch of blonde airheads around in a car for 2 hours. No wonder you walk out.

No story development at all.
The Great Quitter, talker of Nonsense, Lamest Lamer to have ever Lamed, Jimbob is in the thread

How was your past few days? After you quit again, the came back 2 days later, the fucked off again I just want to know how many times did you get loaded before you just had to come back and post more wack shit?
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'Cars with the original Mad Max with Blade runner = win.'

This doesn't make sense.

Also you comparing two movies that aren't even similar in genre nor style.

If you just thought the movie was about driving blonde airheads around, you missed a lot to detail. It's a dystopian work of art
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You take the vibe and storytelling from bladerunner, insert that charm and make the new mad max out of that. Just transplant the vibe, and screenplay from mad max.

Man. People are getting totally diluted in what that call movies.
It's different. They should have taken a more sci fi approach this time and extended the franchise. Could have way more potential than the shit they ended up taking on the sidewalk.
For shit = money. The new trend of killing a good or non existent story in this case.

If everyone's going to buy a ticket, no one really cares how shitty the movie is.
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You sound like a 12 year old. And putting words in people's mouths by making up quotes screams lame. Maybe I'll cry with Bernie now in breaking the code by being pricks.

Please whine and complain some more. I have an opinion and if it's not inline with high school president you get it on this board.
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Yeah. I'm Finally bailing on Tribe. It's utterly useless.

I'm sorry, what was that you were just posting? Does this sound like the words and actions of a grown adult to you that's done this for the x time?

(I've lost count of how many times you've pussied out and declared that you're quitting, and you're pretty unreliable in general, being a fuck up and a drunk)
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Yeah I said that because I have to deal with tools like yourself and Bernie. Then I find myself keeping aplogizing after. Don't you read the nobody cares thread? Or are you being a sociopath like you are. Mental thread thrashing. Your gig.
I'm sort of upset I spend so much of myself giving back to a scene, which turned out to be a bunch of folks who were just only focused on getting ahead, and treating others like crap. Maybe some folks weren't supposed to fit into WWE woman with giant tits. Raver scene is dead. And my final post.

I'm sorry, again, I can't hear you over your pussying out and declaring yourself quitting.

This post that you put back in the Nobody Cares thread - really full of yourself and, as usual, playing yourself as the victim.

Maybe you should go back to that therapist that you went to about your drinking (and gave up after one visit because you didn't like what you heard) - see if they give the shit that you're desperate in getting from strangers.
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Congratulations looser. Every time you have a beer now you're going to think about me.

Well, I don't drink, so I guess not much is going to change in my not really thinking about you at all. I mean other than laughing at you flailing about and going on about quitting and coming back a few days later, hoping no one brings it up. You do make for a great poster child in being a pathetic drunk, and that serves as an awesome cautionary tale for not drinking in the first place.

Remember when I said you were a narcissist? Thanks for proving my point, Fuckface McClownstick. LOL

It really took you nearly an hour to come back with that as a response? Were you engaging your so called creative powers? Or did you have to go to the liquor store to buy a refill for them?
You need to take that 2X4 out of your ass. 47,000 posts screams get a life. Just attack folks who are giving it a go.

Maybe your time would be more spent with your family, and not telling everyone they're lame for actively being involved. But you still want to own the board. Such lame shit.

Get bent.
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Wonder if he gonna snitch on someone 'cuz he mad, or quit, or publicly air a whole bunch of irrelevant personal shit about an Ex... Can't wait to see where he goes next
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