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Bell Low Speed Internet in Kleinburg.


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My father-in-law built himself a typical house for the area: You know the kind. Stucco, 100 foot ceilings, 2 wine cellars, and all the bells and whistles he still doesn't know how to use. The shitty thing is, his internet is 1 MBPS. That's the max speed that Bell acknowledges is available. Even better, to upgrade his modem will cost him $199, plus it's a rental.

I haven't been with Bell for internet ever. Is it really that bad? Or is his area just a really bad area? It's a newer part of Kleinburg where new subdivisions are going up, but I still can't imagine it to be that slow.

Tomorrow we're unbundling and calling Robbers, hoping their speed is a little bit better.

The best part is, the Bell guy says "well that speed is good enough to do basic things online like check email". Shit man, that's what Bell should have as their slogan:

Our internet.

Good enough for things like email.

At Bell.


For faster service call 310-SLOW.
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what kind of phone does he have? get him a laptop and just tether it to the ras clot phone

or get one of those rogers stick dealies. that is some slow as shit


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not a bad idea - rogers stick.

about the phone I don't think it'll work, his tech ability is poor and he wants his guests to have access to internet.

Teksavvy does not service the area. Rogers stick eh... hmmmmmmmmm.