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bell fibe tv picture quality?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by beaker, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. octo

    octo TRIBE Member

    Does this actually happen? a husband and a wife start watching a recorded show 30 min apart on different tvs in the same home? if it does then i hope this world ends in 2012
  2. Bernnie Federko

    Bernnie Federko TRIBE Member

    I called the guys at BELL FIBE TV today to find out what they are offering new customers. It was actually rather poor IMHO.

    Choice Package:

    - Basic Cable Mix of HD & Standard channels + the “Choice Plan” of 5 non premium theme packs. I'd utilize a couple of these to get the TSN/SN/RDS/NFL Network + Sportsnet + NHL Network. But - NO NFL Sunday Ticket.

    - HD PVR

    - 36 month contract @ $87.00/month (includes installation).

    - No Contract would cost installation of $229+tax.

    Tell me I'm not crazy for thinking this is BALLS.

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