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bell expressvu and HD programming?


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Does anyone know of any online tv guides or websites where I can find out when there are *real* HD programs being broadcast over Bell ExpressVu?

***By "real", I mean stuff that was actually shot in HD, NOT stuff that was simply upconverted to 1080i (which Bell would have you believe is actual HD). I believe some of the primetime stuff is shot on HD and some sports coverage is as well, but the Bell guide doesn't specify.

Thanks in advance. :)
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there's not a lot that's shot in true HD and there is no listing anywhere that i can find that says it's actually in HD.

shows that i know are in HD however:

Law and Order
Monday Night Football (along with some games on sundays)
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The majority of weekday primetime (8pm - 10pm) shows that are on ABC, CBS, and NBC are all filmed in high-definition now. That and certain football games.

Oh, and 95% of what PBS broadcasts is filmed in HD.

Cheers ... Ian :)


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Originally posted by Soundstream
Oh, and 95% of what PBS broadcasts is filmed in HD.

we've noticed, lol.

the problem is that, aside from PBS loops, we haven't been able to test this out on our projector since we screen films during primetime hours. so we're trying to figure out when we can catch something that isn't primetime. like in the early afternoon on a weekend.


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you need to be on the bells sat with the HD .. i think it is 82? the new 20" dishes support the dual sats (82 and nimiq 91).