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Bell /// Dryloop DSL fyi


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I have been trying to get dryloop dsl from a third party provider for-friggin'-ever. I would bitch, they would get Bell to send a tech, he would show up - tell my landlord he was going to the distribution box, and then never come back. I couldn't get ANY info.

Then, finally, I said f**k this, I'll just get a landline because I know Bell will send a tech and then get dial up until they can figure this crap out. So today, a tech comes out to hook up the line, and he comes back and says my dsl should be working as well. And it is.

He told me there was not enough connections at the distribution box for dryloop so that's why I wasn't connected. And I was never told about a 'waiting list.' But since I opted for an old school analog line (more $$$) they connected both.

That is such bullsh!t !!!