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Bell Canada service technician from hell, Toronto


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I just had the most obnoxious BELL service technician test and fix the wire connection to my house.

A technician was dispatched because the Bell office determined the connection was unstable. I did not dispatch this technician. The BELL office sent hem.
  1. He calls first and asks if I have internet. I do but it is unstable. This is why the technician is supposed to be coming to check the wire. He says he doesn't have to show up because my internet is working.
  2. I tell him he has to come to look at the wire and this should be on the work order. He reluctantly agrees to come.
  3. He shows up fully dressed, looking like he is going out on a date. His dress shoes are buffed to a high shine. He looks up at the wire for a moment and says it looks fine to him, he turns and begins walking back toward his BELL truck.
  4. I called him back and said his office sent him here to fix this wire (he grimaces). I told him he probably just didn't want to climb a ladder. More grimacing. I pointed to the wire held sketchily onto the side of my house with nylon rope that had been there for decades. I told him that didn't look spec to me.
  5. OK he said I will replace the attachment to the building, but those people on the phone in India can't see that this connection is working fine, he says to me.
  6. I point to a small tree brushing the wires on the pole-side of the connection. It could be the trees making the connection unstable I tell him. That's what the BELL woman on the phone said, I told him.
  7. Trees!! He says. Trees!! You see that house over there? They have bigger trees. That one over there? Even bigger trees You see those trees?
  8. This guy clearly didn't want to even go near the small tree.
  9. Aren't you glad the office didn't send you to those other houses then? I ask him.
  10. I am not doing trees, he says.
  11. He didn't.
  12. He attached the wire to my house in a seemingly proper way and departed. I thanked him:

    I learned two valuable things today : I will avoid signing up for BELL services and avoid buying their products (the line was a BELL-maintained dry loop connection they were repairing and they probably send out their real charmers to fix those), and, I have a fascinating BELL customer service story I will share with everyone I know, for years and years. I should have recorded it - he would have been social media famous.
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