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Belinda appointed to Liberal cabinet


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I just read the article... she's become Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development...

That's the department that funds the project where I work :(


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Stronach joins Liberal cabinet

In a stunning political move, high-profile Tory MP Belinda Stronach has defected to the Liberals.

Prime Minister Paul Martin announced the surprise development today, naming Stronach as Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development.

The move appears to give the Liberals a better chance of passing a crucial confidence motion scheduled for Thursday.

Two weeks ago, Stronach warned that defeating the federal budget in the confidence vote might be a bad move that could backfire on the Conservatives.

She said critical portions of the budget - particularly the billions promised for municipal infrastructure - were extremely important to individuals in her riding north of Toronto and other constituencies in the area.


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so now they are only two short of losing a confidence vote then.

should be a pretty interesting couple of weeks.

Vote Quimby

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Good move by Stronach.

As much as I despise the Liberals, now is not the time for the Tories to try to bring down the governemnt. If Harper was smart, and he's proving that he's not, he would wait until the sponsorship investigation is complete and the report released. He would have much more ammo against the Libs then what he has now.