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Being home for the holidays, I have...


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...come across some old poems that I wrote back in the day... why did I stop writing? I think I should start again.

...found some old pictures of myself,with my hair all different colours... I've come to realize that my natural colour really was the best.

...looked for a vibrator that I had packed away in one of my old boxes - I swear it was there! I could really use it these days, but it is nowhere... What should I do, ask my mum? Ewwwwwwwww.

...realized that as much as I love animals, three dogs and a cat is too much sometimes. Remind me to not adopt pets when I get empty-nest-syndrome.

...come across old clothes that I used to love, tried them on, and rediscovered why I don't wear them anymore.

...not found it to be easier to sleep in what used to be my room, on what used to be my bed... hence the useless 2am thread.

Happy Holidays!
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I doubt she borrowed it, and if she did, I don't want it back.


But I miss it! It had different speeds and all. And after watching that little video that Chiclet posted a while back, I want it!



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....I've been reminded of how thankful I am.

The house I grew up in will always have it's doors open to me....a friend whom I haven't seen or talked to in months is ecstatic to see me when his door opens, and we hang out like nothing's a miss.

I will spend time with my grandparents, and again see my best friend....I'll go play hockey with my little brother this afternoon, and watch him play hockey at 8am tomorrow, tired as hell and coffee in hand

No matter the places I travel to, where I work and live, nothing compares to coming back to where came from...the beach and water will always be my home.

Happy Holidays everyone:)