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before joining a gym...


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McGuinty Government alerts public to fitness club scams
TORONTO -- January 2, 2003 -- If your New Year's resolution is to get fit, Minister of Consumer and Business Services Jim Watson reminds you to "pump up" your consumer skills before joining a fitness club.

"If you want to tighten your abs and keep your finances in shape, you'll need to shop smart when you choose a fitness club," Watson suggests.

Minister Watson reminds consumers who plan to join a fitness club to follow these tips:

Read the contract. Clubs are required by law to offer month-to-month contracts, to protect your money in the event they close, and must limit contracts to one year.
Inspect the club. Talk to members before you join. Make sure the hours suit your needs and the equipment is properly maintained.
Remember the five-day cooling off period. You can cancel a contract with a commercial fitness club within five days of signing for any reason under Ontario's Prepaid Services Act. The cooling off period also applies to martial arts, dance lessons and instruction on talent and modeling.
Minister Watson hopes consumers will remember to shop smart. "Knowing about your consumer rights will help you keep fit physically and financially."

Consumers who want more information on fitness clubs should contact the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services at 416-326-8800 in Toronto, toll free at 1-800-889-9768.


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Also: If you've made it your resolution to get in shape, please stay away from my gym.


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Originally posted by Adam
Also: If you've made it your resolution to get in shape, please stay away from my gym.
EXACTLY!! I'm thinking of just skipping this week cuz I don't feel like waiting a half hour for a bench.

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It was packed at 6:30 this morning. Wow. Thank god these new year's resolutions only last about two weeks or I would never get a cardio machine again.


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i usually stick to 8ish PM for going out. don't have to worry about being packed.

and those points seem kinda second nature, non?


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Never go during lunch or after work rush hour IMO.

Too busy, go during the day after lunch or sometime early morning..

pr0nstar :D


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When I went looking around at gyms and asking questions they told me Monday was the busiest (cuz people felt guilty after the weekend), followed by Tuesday and Wednesday.

Seems to be true.
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The Tesseract

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I used to work at a Fitness Facility in Newmarket. It was funny seeing how many people signed up in February, compared to those that were still around in June before i left.
Maybe 10% stayed.
That gym was almost completely based upon it's regulars.

Littlest Hobo

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My gym is was sorta packed yesterday after work. All the cardio machines were PACKED (and a lineup), the machines were busy, the Hammer strengths and free weights were also busy. Of course, parking was a bitch and they had trainers directing traffic, so the soccer moms could park their Envoys and get their chubby asses in there.


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fortunately, i go after work (2pm) and
before my classes start at Uni (4:30pm)
perfect time.

any other time is really bad b-c the gym
is right across the street from a high school
and has a special deal with them. so, as soon
as 3:30 hits, it's flooded with 13-18yr olds up until
it closes at 11pm.

luckily, i miss both the work rush and the school rush.

what's worse is they have a sign in sheet for the cardio
machines... and ppl rarely use it... so when you do use it,
you still have to call ppl out on it...


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I haven't gone to the gym since Nov. sometime due to holidays and sickness....but fuck, last time I went I had to wait for every god damned machine. They push SO many memberships on people, so occupied with the bottom line that they don't give a fuck that the facility is now over crowded. Fuckers.

<--still gonna be paying for it another year.:mad: :mad:
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straight up....newbies are going to make me start going early mornings, cause my gym around 6-7 ......discusting


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^^yesterday, i saw a newbie on the bench press, with a 45 pound plate one side, and a 45 pound + a 25 pound plate on the otherside. what a dipshit.

yesterday was the busiest day ever at the gym. by the middle of march, it will just be the regulars.

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Littlest Hobo

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Originally posted by redeyes
yesterday was the busiest day ever at the gym. by the middle of march, it will just be the regulars.
You are too optimistic. By The beginning of Feb. the newbies will be gone.


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Originally posted by labRat
just remember that you were all n00bs at one point in time.
But I think there is always a degree of true n00b and rookie.

I read a lot of magazines and educated myself on basic workout routines, etc... before even thinking of going to a gym.

Then there is the people who walk in and expect to just know how to do it, and they usually end up with a personal trainer paying out their ass ;)

pr0nstar :D
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