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before I head out...


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here's a quick set to make up for the radio show that didn't work out this week. I threw in the approximate times for each song cos I know there was at least one person who asked about that last time...forget who though?


Damien Donato "Life Support System" Music Man 9305 [ 0:00 ]
The Kooky Scientist "Blue Movie" Plus 8 46 [ 4:11 ]
Dj Sneak "Compute" Strictly Rhythm ?? [ 7:28 ]
Titonton Duvante "Being N.U." Transfigure Music 01 [ 11:12 ]
Sugar Experiment Station "Untitled" Scandinavia 08 [ 13:20 ]
Phuture "We Are Phuture (Slam Mix)" Primate 01 [ 16:51 ]
Twerk "Crazy Horse" Organised Noise 05 [ 20:47 ]
Joel Mull & Cari Lekebusch "Untitled" Hybrid 07 [ 25:04 ]
Joey Beltram "Loose Kick" Novamute 50 [ 30:05 ]
Dj Hyperactive "Organ Donor" Missile 17 [ 31:50 ]
Adam Beyer & Dj Lenk "Untitled" Drumcode 01 [ 38:11 ]
David Spaans "Triple Yellow" Club Craft 15 [ 41:20 ]
The Cranky Scientist "Peaking China" Definitive 34 [ 44:44 ]
Titonton Duvante "Fetish" Residual 11 [ 48:14 ]
Blue Arsed Fly "Big Ron" Tresor 60 [ 51:52 ]
Keek "Unknown" Head In The Clouds 05 [ 54:15 ]
Dj Spookie "Quad" Relief 735 [ 58:05 ]


mix is 1 hour and about 55 megs or so. enjoy.
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Re: Re: before I head out...

Originally posted by oddmyth
It takes a big man to play this track, much bigger than Ron himself. Props to you.


I honestly don't understand why? I even just went back and listened to the song again to be sure I wasn't missing something...unless I missed it again I'm still in the dark..?!?@#$896
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Its one of those No Future Classic tracks that destroys those with the mind to listen, and makes everyone else run away. In fact the three times I've heard it played out two times it cleared the dancefloor and the other time .. well it was Traxx so people expected as much.



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it goes over well when I play it at Fever...maybe it's the water in Hamilton. good track, I don't understand why it scares people. If I heard someone play it I'd go nuts.


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Originally posted by patri©k
I'm still jamming to yer November 8th mix.



Think of it as back-log that doesn't suck to go through.

...i actually still listen to that nov 8th mix as well. Lots of my favorite tracks from their respective (sub)genres.
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