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Beeswax Candles: Valentines day?


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Hey guys,

I sell rolled beeswax candles so if anyone is interested in a really nice Valentines gift or just need some candles, I'm your man.

I do custom orders for pillars and tapers, plus have tons of tapers already made.

Prices are as follows:

12" tapers (most popular style) $5/pair.
14" tapers: $7.50/pair
8" rolled Pillars (priced singularly):
Prices based on diameter:
1" $5
1.5" $7.50
2" $10

I typically do unbleached 100% pure beeswax, as it is better for the environment, and doesn't put any of the dye residue into the air.

But for Valentines day I do have plenty of red and pink candles, plus some mixed red/pink pairs of tapers.

These candles (tapers) burn for approx 8-10 hours straight. They burn clean and provide a nice healthy golden glow. They have an amazing smell, unlike parafin.

jasonwoodall@rogers.com or PM me.

Pictures below:

4" Pillar - 2" in diameter - Blue

8" Pillar - 1.5" in diameter - Blue

8" Pillar - 2" in diameter - Natural

Pillars - 2" and 1.5" in diameter - Lit

Tapers - 12"

Tapers - 12" - lit
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