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>>>beers and beats II (4am Jack) - dirty/funky/minimal/tech house/techno


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tore the roof off my living room with this one.
hope you enjoy it.

1. Felipe Venegas, Affkt_Meilan_Cecille
2. Spirit Catcher_Forever And A Day_Dojo Music
3. Loko_Kixa_Toolroom
4. Maurizio Vitiello_Phisical Extension (Rino Cerrone's remix)_Bauns
5. Jay Lumen_All Right_100% pure
6. Loko_Xexi Luv_Toolroom
7. Dave Robertson and Jon Gurd_Another T_Cr2
8. Reset Robot_Snippa_SCI+TEC Digital
9. Jon Gurd_Stamp (Louis Osbourne, Jamie Anderson Remix)_Mija
10. Spirit Catcher_No Way Out_Systematic
11. Dennis Ferrer_The Red Room (Obj Vocal Mix)_Objectivity
12. Mark Ramsey_U Turn (Mix 1)_Noir
13. 2020 Soundsystem_Psycho (Subb-an remix)_2020 Vision
14. Popof_Roxy_Cocoon Recordings
15. Green Velvet_La La Land (Santiago and Bushido Remix)_Cajual
16. Anton Pieete_Siberian_Intacto
17. Trentmoller_Gush_Bloodsugar
18. Masuki_Dry Rain (Pfirter Remix)_MindTrip Music
19. Damasko_Knew These People_Cyber Donkey
20. Hertzen_Kodon_Beiak
21. Misha Twins_Tiflis_Piso
22. Max Bett_Mad Clinic_Form

direct download
or have a listen here
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I just listened to this for the second time. Excellent job Soapy!

You should have named this mix:

Shit that makes people in your office stare at you while you chair dance behind your desk at work...