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+++beers and beats - deep/pumpin/funky/jazzy/latin/techy/house


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I had a great time making this.
hope it finds happy ears.

1. NTFO_De Balaha (Original Terrace Mix)_Sintope Digital
2. The Hoodfellas_Loosies_Smoke City
3. Jangatha_Seattle_Union
4. Barou_El Mercado_Vibra Macz
5. Munk_La Musica (Shir Khan Remix)_Gomma Dance Tracks
6. Analog People in a Digital World_Walking In Harlem (Paolo Mojo Remix)_Hysterical
7. Kaiserdisco_Chordalia_Global Underground
8. Egosystem_No Crackin_Funkfield
9. Colette, Joshua Heath_Call on Me_(Chuck Love Network Rework)_Candy Talk
10. Bass Kleph_Hey Ya_Fresco
11. Pezzner_Other Lover_Freerange
12. Paolo Mojo_He's the Man_Younan
13. Michelle Owen_Dee & Deaf (Pezzner Redo)_Lost My Dog
14. Jean Claude Ades_Vallee de Larmes (Pleasurekraft Sideshow Remix)_Great Stuff
15. Christian Malloni_Agua Ardiente (Marcos Rodriguez Remix)_So Sound
16. DKS_Sing4 (Da Lukas Jazzy Mix)_Hysterical
15. Fred Everything feat. N'Dea Davenport_Dont Nobody (Hot Toddy Remix)_OM
16. Konstantin Yoodza_I Like the House_Recovery House
17. NDKG_Funkest Star (Marshall Remix)_Recovery House
18. Kessidis, Bucher_Fremont_Plastic City
19. Malena_Olvidarte - (Te Amo) (Marshall Remix)_Nite Grooves

direct download
or have a listen here
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If we could invent a way to download a beer I think we'd be bigger than facebook!

Infact, I think I might download all sorts of things... ;)
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