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Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Guest, Jan 29, 2002.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'll have a Stella, Becks or Harp please.

    Can I get you anything?
  2. MBoy

    MBoy TRIBE Member

    I'll have a rev. Jayisbored will have some kind of trannie drink, if you know how to mix those.

    No beer for me, thanks.
  3. SlipperyPete

    SlipperyPete TRIBE Member

    yeah, I'll have a beer please.
    This red wine isn't going down so well tonight [​IMG]
  4. Eclipze

    Eclipze TRIBE Member

    Grasshopper ain'd bad..with a lemon =)
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A trannie drink for JIB? I'll make sure it comes with an inverted umbrella.
  6. TaCk OnE?

    TaCk OnE? TRIBE Member

    Grolsch, Heinekin, Sleemans cream and lager, Becks, Tetleys, Guniess, Boddingtons, Kilkenny, Creamore springs, Stella Artoise.

    that oughta do it for the first round!
  7. Eclipze

    Eclipze TRIBE Member

    Guiness! mmmmmmmmmmm get in my scottish belly!
  8. JayIsBored

    JayIsBored TRIBE Member

    corona or keith's please
  9. MBoy

    MBoy TRIBE Member

    He still wants an umbrella in it though.
  10. bucky

    bucky TRIBE Member

    i could go for a Killians please!
  11. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    i'll take a Grolsch natural blond, amsterdam dutch amber, keith's, stella, mgd or a carlsberg please.

    serve me a molson canadian and you shall DIE!!!

  12. Temper Tantrum

    Temper Tantrum TRIBE Member

    I'll take a hot naked man peeling me grapes with a green REV on the side [​IMG]

  13. Eclipze

    Eclipze TRIBE Member

  14. Jazz

    Jazz TRIBE Member

    Bottle = has to be sleemans ... either cream ale or honey brown is fine with me...

    Draft = Rickards Red ... preferably in pitchers [​IMG]
  15. DJAlchemy

    DJAlchemy TRIBE Promoter

    In the summer Corona w/ Lime.
    With Dinner a bottle of Sleeman honey brown.
    When you're feeling saucy a bottle of lezjask
    when in doubt Alexander Kieths.
    when I'm at system Labat ice. most alc/vol!

    Peace & love. D
  16. junglisthead

    junglisthead TRIBE Member

    a little insight guiness is a stout

    as for beer nothing beats a carlsburg with a squeeze of lemon

    corona is good when you dont want the heavy ale taste
  17. KiX

    KiX TRIBE Member

    I'm drinking a corona as we speak.


  18. DJAlchemy

    DJAlchemy TRIBE Promoter

    oops! on draft Rickards Red.
  19. ila

    ila TRIBE Member


    becks, stella, heineken, keiths, grolsch, mc auslan apricot wheat ale, sleeman's honey brown...
  20. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    for anyone that drinks corona, i truely suggest switching to grolsch blond. it's just as light, but it tastes much better. it's got the sweetest but light aftertaste. mmmmm..... i wish i had one now.

    i'm trying to get everyone hooked on it... it is just so damn nice...

  21. kodos

    kodos TRIBE Member

    try a maudite if you ever chance upon it... its a french canadian "strong belgian ale" made in honour of a devil's bargain a bunch of people in a flying canoe made. they were late for a party, apparently. tasty stuff.
  22. joey

    joey TRIBE Member

    too fattening!

    fucking beer
  23. BEtonka

    BEtonka TRIBE Member

    ahem ahem Lezajsk it would be called. If you love Polish beer don't fear cuz Beata is here and I can introduce you to some good polish ass beer.

  24. TaCk OnE?

    TaCk OnE? TRIBE Member


    I don't even mention it to people often, because I want to keep it all to myself...lol

    I want to keep it underground...that stuff is the GREATEST!
  25. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad TRIBE Member

    I'll have a corona, or harp [​IMG]
    mmm...wait, i have harp.mmmmmmmm..beer [​IMG]


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