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Tasty new Beau's option for the lager fans available at the LCBO, great label and great tasting = winning.
Farm Table Series are sessionable beers inspired by tradition and brewed true to a classic style. Farm Table Helles is a brilliant straw-coloured blond lager. A bona fide Bavarian beer garden classic, the Helles style balances a mildly bready, malt-accented flavour with subtle and delicate hops that linger to enjoy.


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I'm a big fan of Sawdust City's "The Princess Wears Girl Pants". Tried it in Kensington some months ago and adored the malty fruity character that's velvety smooth (9% alcohol). It's a seasonal brew, so enjoy it if you can still find it.


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I visited some friends in Gravenhurst this summer and had the opportunity to try a bunch of Sawdust beers. Some were really great, others were not so great. But that one weekend wasn't enough --- I need to try them again to make a good assessment. :)

This beer is great:

Sawdust City is probably the best new Ontario brewery, IMO. A wide variety of beers, and consistently high quality.

Three standouts:
- Little Norway Pale Lager
- Gateway Kolsch
- Skinny Dipping Stout

The brewery is in my cottage town, so I'm able to get the freshest stuff consistently. :cool:
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So this is launching in Canada:

I'll defo try it when I eventually see it (not available at Beer Store or LCBO yet), but my hopes are measured.


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too freaking busy most the time for my enjoyment. the walk up store is cool though (easy to access when biking home from work). good beer for sure, going to the brewery for a bite to eat is a test in patience tough.


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^^^ Toronto's best brewery no doubt. I'll treat myself every now and then but their beer prices keep me from being a regular.
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I stumbled upon Burdock Brewery on a Sunday walk along bloor, and I must say I'm digging their american pale ale and the west coast pilsner. Very tasty and fresh beer.

$5-$6 for 500ml bottles.

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Anyone brewing their own beer? I'm a few batches in and loving it.
This is my custom IPA which I'm pretty proud of.
3 kinds of hops used, and 2 malts including a caramel which helped smooth it out and added some color.

Next up, a Rye Pale Ale to prepare as the weather gets colder.