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What is your favourite beer(s)? For me, nothing better than unwinding after work with a cold Steamwhistle out of the bottle and a smoke.

Boss Hog

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Steigl right now. And although it's not beer I like a nice cold pint of Strongbow, sometimes in a snakebite combo with some Kronenberg or Keith's to take off a bit of the sweetness.


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I don't mind Steamwhistle.

Not a fan of Steigl at all. Cool looking can though.

My favourite beer by a long shot is Hacker Pschorr. Highly recomended. Also enjoy most Unibroue beers, and for something more light Moosehead is a real staple.


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My BBQ beer is Lakeport Honey in cans. Cheap, delicious, and can be used for beercan chicken.

My regular beer of choice is Creemore Springs.

For darker beers, I prefer Muskoka Dark and Upper Canada Dark Ale.
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dig this

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Lowenbrau, Bittburger, Guiness & Weisteiner are my faves right now... I like to mix & match imports from the LCBO... Locally, I dig Mossehead, PC Honey Brown (when finances are tight), Creemore & Sleeman's.


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Creemore on tap is the nectar of the gods.Really into Euro beers these days. Tuborg is waht I usually get because it's good and cheap.


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Generally prefer it dark...Guinness, London Pride, Amsterdam Nut Brown, Waterloo Dark, Gahan Ironhorse Dark (fantastic stuff from PEI)

Moosehead, Rickard's India Pale, Labatt Ice for light / budget / summer staples

More occasionally Hacker Pschorr for a wheat, Fin Du Monde for a dinner beer (although in recent years I have come to dislike sweet Belgians)

Generally I just like to try new things


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I like the steamwhistle, but only in bottles. It's brutal on tap. I've been really digging the Mill St selection these days too. The tankhouse ale is great in bottles, but is especially wonderful on tap. My staple for a while now has been grolsch though.

great thread.
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Red Stripe
Old English for keepin' it real.

I really want to try Mickey's Malt Liquor because UFC's Dana White told me to.

johnny B rad

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I'm a Stella and Lowenbrau tall can kinda guy. At home I like my beer in glass. I also like the Kronenberg, Moosehead, Sleeman Cream Ale, if I'm broke or at a club, I go with Blue. It's ok.
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pilsner urquell is good times, as is regular pilsner (molson product out west), heineken in cans, grolsch, and beck's.

The Kid

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Faxe Amber
Faxe Festbock
Holstein Premium
Holstein Festbock
Creemore (their UrBock rules)
Heastrong (though think they've been discontinued?)
Pilsner Urquell

Just to name a few.
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what do you mean? it's crafted with rocky mountain water. not some crappy pond or bog like irish beer.
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