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Beautiful black leather Knomo "Kobe" messenger bag - $280


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Have owned this for half a year and its in perfect shape, its a beautiful bag but I need a slightly larger model instead. Originally purchased for $380.

Located around Bloor & Spadina in downtown Toronto.

Kobe from knomo: Official Store | Men's Black Leather Messenger Bag | Stylish 15" Laptop Bag | Messenger Laptop Bags | Laptop Sleeves | Luggage

The practical and spacious Kobe soft messenger is made from luxuriously smooth full grain leather teamed with lightweight fabric made from recycled bottles and is designed to hold up to a 15'' laptop within its quilted laptop protection pouch. The Kobe messenger has a pocket inside for your laptop and plenty more space for your work paraphernalia. Folders and files fit easily inside, and the interchangeable elastic pockets can hold your mobile, PDA, keys or iPod; while the external back pocket is handy for your newspaper or book. Magnetic tabs fasten the front flap, under which lies a pouch with organiser pockets for passport or travelcard on the left, with a zipped compartment on the right. The Kobe is soft and comfortable to carry, with an adjustable shoulder strap and soft construction to mould to your body, and a handy pocket at the back to slip over a trolley handle.