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Beatport selections


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Now that beatport does .wav downloading I'm pretty keen on snatching some of the more suitable prog they've got online... I'm wondering if anyone uses the site - and if they have anything along the lines of D-Nox, Andre Absolut, Ticon, Minilogue, Fitalic, Antix, Inkfish etc. to recommend.

Personally I'd say go check out D-Nox - Seven Hours (which I just noticed is the #2 download!) and Jet Lag Slave... awesome tunes.

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Try Che Malikita and You're a Star.

Also do a search for "Beckers" stuff too as they often collaborate on a lot of tracks. I love their sound and have been pumping it for a while.

I've bought quite a few tracks from beatport lately of this style. Also like the new tune "crash" from Absolute and Blade


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yes, i love this site and resonate vibes...most recent downloads that
come to mind were.....

cloud buster-sonic cube (absolut)
edit-rai (original)
sophie (baunder remix)

all good. upon purchase and another listen i would say not great.

although you can never replace the feeling of sifting through the
shelves for that gem track in the record shop and then getting home as quickly as possible to see how it mixes into your collection.
sitting in a comfy leather computer chair with a cold stella in
hand listening to sound clips is a close second.



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Awesome site and easy to get around... I went to this one site called audio Jelly, which is not bad either. Beatport makes it so easy to find some really good tracks. Search function is your best bet. I just like going down the whole row and listen to all the tracks. I find some tracks have territory applied to them..., which I found a little weird.

LaSoupe (original mix), End-Jy


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Beatport is good. They carry a good selection of everything and are strong in the style of prog you're looking for.

One thing to know the Beatport search function often seems to leave things out. Clicking on New Releases for example won't always get you everything that's new on there.
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Yeah I usually just go to the genera in the drop down tab menu, and just start looking away and listening away.


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Thanks for pointing out Rai, bryanwayne... I know of his work through Tribal Vision (where he has released three great tracks) but didn't realize that he's also got a dozen or so unsigned pieces on beatport. When I browsed through I actually just figured it was another artist, cross-pollinated by the awkward search system. I ended up snagging Edit, Digi, Sweets, This is Original, and Law of the Jungle.

Downward by Andre Absolut is a solid piece of work... somewhere between prog and psychedelic techtrance - nice.

Still searchin'...


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great selection - like the DJ tool section with loops and acapellas - although I must admit the extra 1.00 to download *.wav can zap your funds - Stompy offers the same file format but does not charge the extra fee -