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Beat gridding old disco tracks with Ableton


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I also find that tracks that are "sloppy" - being jumping from one tempo to another is more a result of old-school style razor-blade edits where the editor is slicing drum loops from different points in the track without quantizing... still, lately I've been preferring to play sets of unquantized live tracks lately just because it's more interesting trying to figure out how to mix them seamlessly...

Blue Meanies

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Depending on how tight you want the song to sound you might get down to warping every 4 bars
Just warped a 70's disco tune for a remix and had to place a marker literally every 4 bars for the whole track. It took quite a bit of time but totally worth it as now the entire track is locked in :) I can use any bar I want and it just works. Compare that to a new track purchased from beatport or produced by myself which only needs 2 to 5 warp markers (6-7min track)!

Oh another tip noobs should follow... is to beatmatch/warp while using a previously warped drum hit/loop not the built in metronome. Also after finding your first Kick/drum hit choose the warp straight from here at ***bpm option. As this will pull the track closer into sync with the internal clock. Then its just a matter of placing a marker at the end and you should be good.

Been using ableton since version 2. Best all around DAW for production and live performance :)

Blue Meanies

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where's the challenge in that? :)
Maybe you should reread my post :rolleyes:

I'll try to explain it better...

I warped/time stretched an old disco track to use for a remix/production. It was a challenge but worth it as now I can use any part of it for the remix.

Nothing to do with djing... although I would love to see YOU beat match an old tune in sync with the internal clock of a DAW for use in a remix/production ;)


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I've been going through a lot of my old funk and disco stuff and warp markering it due to wanting some tunes in the car in a DJ mix when I no longer own a DJ mixer. Tne thing I've found in the latest version of Ableton 8 is that it's VERY good at catching the tempo from the get-go now and inserting markers. However, it's terrible at grabbing the first beat. An easy work around to that is just add a marker at the first beat by double-clicking on the beginning of the waveform transient you wish to use, then choose 'set to 1' from there.

Boom! Warp markered and locked to tempo.

I've had to do a few minor adjustments, but this method has saved me oodles and oodles of time warping old tunes with live drummers, vinyl that drifts, badly done tape-splicing or things recorded to tape (which stretches and therefore drifts in time).