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Beastie Boys Live In Toronto?

Tony Bandana

TRIBE Promoter
a friend told me the BBoys are coming to town in aug sometime to the Ampiltheater (? lol spellcheck)

anyone else know about this or heard anything?



Well-Known TRIBEr
sweet jesus, i would be in HEAVEN if that was true.

their show at the ACC was easy one of the top 5 shows I've been to in my life.

Tony Bandana

TRIBE Promoter
Sugar D said:
Sept 21 at ACC
yup my buddy just called me today!

id rather have it outdoors but oh well?

"i steal from the rich/and im out pullin pranks..givin to the poor.and i alwayz give thanks"

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Tony Bandana

TRIBE Promoter
ok i just talked 2 ticket master..

Sept 21st and 22nd

now where would be the better venue to go see them

ACC or the Hummingbird?

iz Hummingbird..seating or standing

i dont wanna sit? lol

how can you!


Sugar D

TRIBE Promoter
depends what you want to see....
The show at ACC (Sept 21)is them doing vocals with MMM et al.
The show at Hummingbird (Sept 22) is purely their instrumnetal shit.

(and yes Hummingbird is seats but I'm sure most will be standing as the night goes on)
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