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Beach Volleyball Season!!! Sun, Sand, Tans, And Sweat!


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If any of you guys play beach volleyball, you can always find me and the local players down by the Wash House/Boardwalk Cafe area of ASHBRIDGES BAY (WOODBINE PARK) in Toronto....in the Beaches area of course.....

Wheter you want to play a bit with us, or start up your own game, you should really make a point of coming down because it is a sight to behold. On any given weekend day there are 50 or more courts going strong, many spectators, rollerbladers, and cyclists watching from the boardwalk, or people just lounging and tanning. There will be pro level events in Toronto again this year, and semi-pro (which I will be in!!!). Whether you come for girl or guy watching, to relax, or for love of the sport, I highly recommend you make the trip.

No sport has a more alluring atmospheric backdrop, and few are as physically challenging.

If you are interested in having regular games, let me know. Although I wouldn't play, because I have to train for the AA Tour, I'd be glad to lend you guys my net and help you set up. I know Tommy and some others really enjoy indoor volleyball. Try Beach once and you will be addicted and NEVER want to go back! =)


My good friends and Olympic Bronze Medalists, Mark Heese & John Child.


Stein Metzger, former UCLA setter and now Beach Volleyball great at the Toronto Open Beach Event

The legandary Randy Stoklos

The god of Volleyball, Beach & Indoor, Karch Kiraly

Here is the OVA TOUR Schedule for this summer!!!

2002 Ontario Volleyball Beach Tour Schedule
(*dates and locations are subject to change)

May 18-19 – Midland (Youth 2 day event)
May 25-26 – Wasaga Beach (Adult)
June 1-2 – Toronto (Adult & Youth)
June 8-9 – Toronto (Adult & Youth)
June 15-16 – Toronto (Adult & Youth)
July 6-7 – Toronto (Adult & Youth)
July 13-14 – Cobourg (Adult & Youth)
July 27-28 – Cobourg (Adult & Youth)
August 3 – Wasaga Beach (Youth Provincial Championships)
August 10-11 – Toronto (Adult Provincial Championships)

Hollywood's attempt at Bringing Beach Volleyball to the Mainstream, 1990's "Sideout". This movie is so cheese, but I love it! =)


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big beach vball fan as well. i dont watch it on tv but when i get chances to play i love it. shall we organize a few games this summer? i think so



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I'm totally down for some beach volleyball. Man I can't wait to use my ball again to spike around on the sand. Volleyball..how I miss thee.

I played it for 5 years then I stopped, no wonder I'm so fricken' miserable all the time! Marian needs to play some VOLLEYBALL!!!



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We all know what Greg's -really- getting at....



PS: is that a beer tent i see in that background of that first pic?
Can i see the game from there?
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definately into beach...I have my own system and would be happy to set up some games down at the beaches!!
I am usually there every sunday afternoon from noon until ??? but will definately try to go when others want to head out.

Just came back from playign some indoors 6's pretty competative (in thornhill area) alot of nine man players if any one is interested it is open every thursday 1930hrs on

Please keep me posted...I have a few friends who we play together and would love to have some great sand fun


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beranga's in hamilton is pretty basic for beer and vball. it's easy enough to do when the weather gets better



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Yes, Yes Jeff, that is EXACTLY what I meant by all this....how silly of me to try and hide it.

Yes, I have a system as well, so like I said, I will be down there on weekends, and obviously those dates listed as Toronto Tournament Tour stops, but also during the week, mostly in the evenings whenever I'm not working at HMV......

You could even put a TRIBE team together for the league they run which is 6 person a side I think during the week. It is a huge league and you guys would have a great time I'm sure.

Partypix: I know a whole bunch of guys that play nine-man for CONNEX. That game is so insane.....it is THE quickest game next to Ping-Pong I think....just crazy. You have to have amazing quick-twitch muscles to play that sport....

Since there is at least some interest...and I think Tommy will be interested too, I will also let you all know when the co-ed beach tournaments like HEATWAVE and others will be on....maybe I'll start new threads or just resurrect this one occasionally. we'll have to see, but I'll keep you guys informed.....


poker face

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I have been talkinga bout buying a volley ball net this summer too have sunday afternoon games. It will get me out of the house and give me some fun in the sun!


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Greg, we still have to hook up for some 2's tournaments this summer. I'll Email you the details once I get them. There's sweet cash and other prizes.

Let the "killing" season begin :)
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Tommy, For sure, I'm in.....

Just let me know the details whenever you get them....I'll be in Toronto for the whole summer after the week of April 22nd......




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how i miss the summer. i used to be out playing every saturday morning at ashbridges bay. so much fun. missed a lot of last year though.

i'd love to play, so if anyone is gonna set something up, let me know, i'd be in for sure.


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we should definately try to get some group events and play some!! My buddy and I would be up for 2's or 4's coed what ever just as long as its v-ball
now I am thinkn lots of summery thoughts...beach/golf/fishn/campn/bikn etc anyone else excited for the summer

does anyone know of the beach leagues (competitive, coed, 2/4?)

soulheaven-I know some of the guys from CONNEX and the TIGERS most of my friends moved to N'GUIN? love watching thier game.
the guys I play with used to play for SWOVA when we were at UWO now we are itchn to find some consitent play times and areas...any info would be great!

Summers a'comin!!