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Be Bop A Do Wop...something something


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Taken from a Cari Lekebusch mixtape that I got from who knows where back who knows when...

If you know any of these bring it to my attention. Please refrain from saying "Oh I have that but I forget the name of it..." as that irritates the hell out of me as I'm sure you could imagine.

track 00
track 01
track 02

...and yes they aren't top notch sound clips but the tape I grabbed em from is beat and I'm lucky they're that good.
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Destro Sanchez

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track 00 is one that I've been dying to know for years...had it on a terry mullan tape.
(mu muh muthafucka, muthafucka)

track 02 sounds like a Neil Landstrumm to me....is it the only one you don't have or something? ;)

(useless again)
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Destro....that track you want is Robert Armani's MF I forget the label though. It's actually the song before that one I wanted...MF is mixed into it