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Bbqmusic Looking For A Pair Of Cdj's For Our Event, Sat March 25th @ D'Vine Lounge


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Hey everyone,

Once again bbqmusic is gonna have a little bbq down in miami. We are looking for some talent interested in getting some time behind the decks during a week where maybe some of us lesser know dj's aren't given much time in the spotlight.

If that's you please post a link so we can have a listen...We're looking to get together a good group of international, domestic and of course homegrown(meaning canadian) talent once again this year...

We're planning on going all day and into the night on saturday march 25th @ a dope lil internet cafe/bar called D'Vine Lounge http://www.dvinelounge.com/

Only prob is that we're struggling to find a set of Cdj's which in this day in age is much needed. So if anyone can point us in the right direction and help us out it would be much appriciate and would def grab you a nice chunk of time spinning in south beach....

Hit us up!!!!



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