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BBQ 2021


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Got the score of the year last weekend as my neighbor was getting rid of some of his Dad’s old items, including a Big Green Egg. Free is always good.

I’ve never used one before so before I get it set up, anyone have experience with a Kamodo style bbq/smoker?

Ive got the propane Broil King and a Weber charcoal grill however before I shell out a bunch of cash on ribs or brisket, I want to make sure I know what I’m doing.

Tips, tricks are appreciated.
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Bernnie Federko

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I grill a lot (year round, most days). If you are comfortable with smoking on a Weber kettle (ie ya have a digital grill thermometer, and either a probe for bigger meats or an instant read one), then it's all the same controls: air flow, steady temperature, moisture, and time.
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I had an old propane BBQ but I put it out on the curb. Exclusively use an ordinary charcoal Weber. I've learned how to use it with less heat. I want to use it more but the big steaks of days gone by are so expensive these days...