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BBE's "Kings of" Series

Discussion in 'House Room' started by JOSHB, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. JOSHB

    JOSHB TRIBE Member

    Picked up "Kings of House" compiled and mixed by MAW and "Kings of Funk" by RZA and Keb Darge yesterday.


    There is also a "Kings of Disco" by (of course) Joey Negro and Dimitri from Paris and a "Kings of Hip Hop" mixed by Premiere and Mr. Thing.

    Although I really haven't delved into the Funk discs, the MAW discs have gotten nonstop playage since I got home from Virgin. What a compilation of classics. In both of the discs MAW incorporate both the depth of their collections and also the historical breadth of their ears. 42 tracks that together, I am certain, influenced every aspect of the music I so love now.

    I am far to young to know most of these tracks firsthand, but listening to these discs reminds you how indebted house, and most (dare I say all) genres of music are to their past. You can pick out elements from each and every track here that are so much a part of contemporary electronic music; after a brief listen it's obvious that sounds, progressions, vocals, drops, remain directly influential +15 years later.

    I must admit that whenever a "classic compilation" comes out I jump all over it and get really excited. It is great to be able to understand the music of the present and the future via a look into the past. I am sure that the Funks discs will not disappoint either....

    Kenny Dope's: 9/10
    Vega's: 8/10
  2. Bloom! Productions

    Bloom! Productions TRIBE Member

    i have the vinyl here in front of me and i'm loving the instrumental of mr. fingers "can you feel it" and esp's "it's you." brings me way back to the good old days of first getting into deep house music... the rest of the comp (on vinyl anyways) is filler music in my own opinion. classics, yes, but not all old house was good house.

  3. octo

    octo TRIBE Member

    hey Joshb,
    is that kings of funk vinyl? where did you get it?
  4. JOSHB

    JOSHB TRIBE Member

    I have the cd. Im sure the vinyl is widely available....
  5. JOSHB

    JOSHB TRIBE Member

    there are 42 tracks on the cd. How can you judge to "rest of the comp" with the other 6 tracks that you have infront of you?
  6. RumRogerz

    RumRogerz TRIBE Member

    I'm pretty sure i saw it at Play De
    i was gonna pick both sets up, but i'd already had a stack i was gonna buy, and budget is budget unfortunately.

    Amazing compilations tho, my buddy's got em.. funking sweet
  7. le bricoleur

    le bricoleur TRIBE Member

    you really have to be a fan of disco to want the kings of disco set. a lot of Joey Negro's tracks are all live drummers, and the tempos and styles vary throughout of the compilation - thus you couldn't incorporate many of them into a house set. still worth it though. there are some choice tunes you'd never get anywhere else.

  8. le bricoleur

    le bricoleur TRIBE Member

    i'm listening to the kings of funk (in snippits on juno.co.uk) and its pretty amazing!

    and yes, the mr. finger's instrumental is HOT!

    listen for yourself. and then buy it!

    p.s. the virgin music store is the only place i ever find good records when i go to new york. wierd.

  9. Big Boss

    Big Boss TRIBE Promoter

    I still listen to the Kings of Disco (disc two...Joey Negro's selections) on an almost daily basis...to and from school.

    Now, I'm a huge Dimitri from Paris fan, but his selection (disc one), sucks compared to Joey's.

    Here are the real gems, in my opinion, on disc two of the Kings of Disco

    02. Cela - I'm in Love (Joey Negro edit)
    04. Mighty Fire - Love Fantasy
    06. Sonny Jenkins and the New York Potpourri Strings - That Friday Pay (Part 1)
    08. John Gibbs - Get down with the Jam Band (Joey Negro Re-edit)
    09. Touche - Just Like a Door Knob (Joey Negro edit)
  10. Fidelity

    Fidelity TRIBE Member

    Almost everything Joey Negro turns to gold. He is one of my favorite producers.
  11. le bricoleur

    le bricoleur TRIBE Member

    only two of those joey negro selections are on the vinyls.
    i should really buy the cd too.

  12. Bloom! Productions

    Bloom! Productions TRIBE Member

    if you read my post again you'll notice that i said the rest of the comp ON VINYL (it's in brackets). i haven't heard the cd.


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