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battle of the crap


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who is the king or queen of crap compilations that are the crap playlist of crap mainstream clubs?

mc mario?

chris sheppard?
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Tough call.......Much Dance is pretty high in the ranking too!


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i don't know any of those crap compilations so I'm not sure what to say

although choko has a pile nearly stacked to the ceiling...hahahhaha
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I'm so sorry but without a shadow of a doubt, from design to marketing to content, the JOCK JAMS series is the most horrible set of compilations ever to be imprinted onto CD's.


Raze Thuh Rewf.


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Remember that HORRIBLE remix of Vitamin D's "Laughing Track" (dunno the proper name of it)
that was on one of those Chris Sheppard CD's from like 95 or 96? I think that same CD also had Josh Wink's "Higher State of Consciousness" on it.

My vote would go to those hideous Much Dance compilations.

Who actually buys those frisbees?

MC Mario..I could never figure out why he called himself that if he was a DJ..